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2014 film making


I am not going to complain, but getting kicked by a cow isn’t in my work contract. I’ve got it on film – I was carefully cycling down the road and the cow, standing on the verge, back-kicked me as I went past. Luckily she was too slow, but she had a good go at knocking my head off.

We were on Dartmoor National Park gathering footage for our latest set of films and photography. The area has been farmed since the Bronze Age, and is still grazed by free-roaming ponies, sheep and cows (as I was rudely reminded).

Dartmoor is renowned for its harsh beauty, which is why we choose it for our Vortex shots. The downhill roads are superb with long, flowing straights and dramatic descents. The weather is not so generous, and we had to ascend to the high moors to rise above the thick fog.

The skies were blustery, with fast-moving cloud and patches of bright sunlight illuminating the ancient granite tors. Although cold, the moody weather provided the perfect background for our no-compromise speed trikes. As ever the trikes were fast and responsive, with excellent power transfer going straight into the rear wheel.  Handling is precise and the No Brake Steer frame geometry ensures that you stay on course around corners and stops you safely, even from high speeds.

The key to our films is getting a variety of shots, so every thrilling descent had to be recorded again and again from different angles, and from static and moving camera rigs. Two days of riding like this is exhausting, but an absolute gift. I loved every minute, even the bit with the cow.

-          Patrick