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App your ride

app montage

Dispel the obvious cycle-app clichés of mapping, performance analysis and gear-ratio calculators. This selection of apps goes beyond turning the pedals and lets you get more out of the landscapes you move through.

For nature lovers there are a wide range of field guide applications to help get the most from your natural surroundings. Try Chirp to learn and recognise birdsong, or LeafSnap to identify trees and plants from their leaves.

If you ever need a new motivation for your ride, what better than the prospect of treasure? Plan your ride around a series of waypoints with ‘treasure’ caches at each location, using your phone to help you navigate. Find the cache, sign the logbook and exchange a trinket for one someone else has left behind. Geocaching is the largest of these systems, with Garmin Open Caching, a free resource, growing in popularity.

Collate all the wonders of your ride and share with friends and family. Apps like Trip Journal will help you document photos and videos, your route and progress. Postale will create digital postcards of your trip and share them by email, Facebook and Twitter.

And if, while glued to your new phone app, you find yourself lost in unfamiliar surroundings, you’ll need a little help with orientation. Around Me allows you to search your local area for the nearest café, cycle shop, or bank to get you fuelled up for your journey home.