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First CAF trike clinic

CAF montage

On 12th May 2012 the Challenged Athletes Foundation(CAF) held their first trike and handcycle clinic at their headquarters in San Diego. The goal of the clinic was to give disabled athletes an introduction to the excitement of cycling.

We started the morning by introducing the range of cycles available and briefing on safety and handling skills. The athletes got used to the trikes on training stands, and once they felt confident went outside to cycle a 1km course. 

The ICE Sprint donated to CAF was enthusiastically received by the attendees! In addition were three other privately owned ICE trikes, two Catrikes, and various styles of handtrike. We were also fortunate to have a Paralympic gold medallist demonstrate a UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale) legal trike.

Everyone was very enthusiastic about the trikes, and there was a lively Q&A period at the end of the clinic with questions on touring, commuting and competition. There were several experienced CAF trike riders on hand to share their experiences in cycling the LA marathon, various triathlon and ironman events, and daily commutes.

As a measure of the clinic’s success several local group rides were arranged for future weekends. Those wanting more information and experience on trikes were reminded that the ICE Sprint is available at CAF for training rides.

Thank you to ICE for all your support of CAF – the clinic was a GREAT success and we hope to have another later in the year.

John Elliot, CAF Volunteer