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Triathlon tips from a champion

Melissa blog entry

Great Britain Para-triathlete Melissa Reid shares her tips for success in your first triathlon.

1.       Practice, practice, practice! You don’t need to be fast, but you’ll enjoy the event much more if you go in confident at the distances for each of the disciplines.

2.       Getting the transitions right, between the swim and cycle, and cycle and run, are very important. Some say these are the fourth discipline of triathlon. Have a plan of action and practice each transition before your first event.

3.       Be prepared. Make sure you have all the kit you’ll need and be sure that it’s comfortable before the event. A check-list is really useful, especially if you are prone to last-minute nerves (I know people who’ve left their shoes at home!).

4.       Know the rules and follow them. There will be a pre-race briefing where the organisers will explain the rules. An easy pitfall is forgetting to put your helmet on at the right time – put it on before you touch your trike.

5.       Don’t worry about what other people are doing, just follow your plans and take the race as it comes. It’s your first triathlon, so try to relax and enjoy the experience!

Melissa Reid

1st – British Championships, Nottingham, May 2012

2nd – European Championships, Israel, April 2012

2nd – World Championship Series, London, August 2011

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