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Dave Cornthwaite Expedition 1000


On 22nd May 2014 a world-record breaking explorer arrived at ICE HQ, completing his 10th expedition of over 1000 miles by non-motorised transport. Dave Cornthwaite cycled an ICE Sprint 26X recumbent trike 1106 miles from Germany to Falmouth, UK.

Dave said: “This ICE trike is lovely. I am truly, truly in love with it. It’s so comfortable and been an absolute joy to ride.”

Dave started his life as a professional adventurer after quitting his job in 2005 to skateboard across Australia. Since then he has travelled the world, written 3 books and inspired audiences with his SayYesMore campaign, which is dedicated to making life more memorable.

Dave’s latest expedition started at the Spezi Cycling Show in Germany, where he invited the public to vote for a form non-motorised transport that he could ride over 1000 miles back to the UK. The ICE Sprint recumbent trike won the vote by a significant margin, and Mr Cornthwaite set off immediately after the show closed, travelling through Germany, the Netherlands and southern England to reach Cornwall.

On the 22nd May he was met by ICE Trike employees in St Austell. They cycled through the Roseland, crossing at St Mawes and arriving in Falmouth at 4.30pm to complete the 1106 mile journey in 23 days.

The expedition was capped off with an inspiring talk at The Poly, Falmouth, where Dave shared his experiences as an explorer, and spent over an hour afterwards sharing advice with would-be adventurers.

“Supporting Dave has been really fun and very rewarding, and we look forward to working with him on another of his inspiring and exciting adventures” said Lois Leonard, ICE Trikes marketing manager.

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