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Electric Assist ICE Trikes


(Originally posted on Thursday, April 25, 2013 - 08:40 AM. ICE no longer retail the SunStar Electric System.)

Over the last four days we’ve had great fun unveiling a new option for our ICE Adventure and ICE Sprint trikes – an electric assist motor. The launch was part of an e-bike show in the world-renowned botanical gardens of the Eden Project, England.

Riding an electric-assist ICE trike is like being granted super-powers, making cycling effortless, you just turn the pedals and fly! With minimal effort you can glide up hills and accelerate with ease.

We have been researching electric assist options for a long time, retrofitting them to our trikes and pushing the technology to its limits around our local hilly terrain. We finally settled on the SunStar system because it is reliable, simple to use, lightweight and very effective.

The SunStar system can be fitted to the ICE Adventure and ICE Sprint trikes. A battery pack, positioned behind the seat, powers a motor fitted to the cranks. The system monitors your efforts as you pedal and gives assistance when you need it.

We took an ICE Adventure and ICE Sprint trike, both retrofitted with the SunStar system, to the Eden Project for their e-bike show. The test track took a beautiful loop through the gardens with the lunar-esque Biomes bulging over us like giant glassy mushrooms. Visitors were queuing up to test the trikes and came back grinning from ear to ear!

We were delighted with the feedback, especially from those who rediscovered the joy of cycling. Many riders had never even sat on a trike before, but within a single lap of the test track were confidently cruising and brimming with enthusiasm.

The SunStar electric assist is an elegant new option for ICE trikes, giving riders a boost to cycle easier, faster and further…and maximise their ‘recumbent grin’!