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Fit to fight

Chirs Sherrington

A Royal Marine judo champion has made a remarkable recovery from surgery to return to international competition, thanks to riding an ICE trike.

Chris Sherrington, who represented Great Britain in the 2012 London Olympics, needed surgery after suffering shoulder and ankle injuries earlier this year. Doctors told him to expect a 5 month recovery time, which would mean him missing the European Judo Championships. However, Chris was certain that regular exercise would speed up his recovery.

“I was determined to keep in shape and realised that a trike would be the perfect way to achieve my goals. It would help me maintain my levels of fitness without putting any strain on my shoulder .”

Chris averaged 150 miles a week on long training rides, cycling to his physiotherapy sessions and even using the trike for grocery shopping. This trike-based rehabilitation helped him maintain his Olympian standard of fitness, and halved his recovery time.

 “My doctors and physiotherapists are astonished at how I’ve recovered from a major shoulder operation.”

Within only 2 months Chris was back training with the Great Britain judo squad and was selected to compete in the European Championships in October.

“To come back from injury and surgery so quickly and compete at an international level was unbelievable.”

Chris is now looking forward to competing in the Commonwealth Games in 2014, and continues to ride his trike as part of his fitness regimen.