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Adjusting your handlebars

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We want your trike to be the perfect fit for you. This article shows you how to adjust your handlebars to suit your style of riding.

Handlebars are set to provide a balance between optimum comfort and minimum turning circle. There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’; it’s a matter of preference.

Sit on the seat of your trike and reach underneath to the handlebars – you will find two quick release levers. Release these and the handlebars can be moved in and out, and tilted forwards and backwards.

Sit back in the seat and move the handlebars to a position that feels comfortable. Tighten the QR levers and go for a ride – focus on cornering to check the turning circle. If the turning circle is too small, widen the handlebars a little more until you find the optimum balance.

Some people will want the tightest turning circle possible. Release the QR levers and slide the handlebars as far as they will go outwards: do not extend beyond the MAX position, marked clearly on the handlebars. Tighten the QR levers and go for a ride to get used to the new position.

Handlebars can also be tilted forwards and backwards. Try out some different angles and consider the ergonomics of braking and changing gear.

The adjustable handlebars are part of the Rider Positioning System – a suite of design features that enables ICE riders to adapt their trike for the perfect fit, maximum comfort and optimum performance.