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Hub Gears now available

ICE trikes are built to order, so you can choose components that suit your needs. All trikes come with derailleur gear systems as standard, but you can easily upgrade to hub gears.

Hub gears have all the working parts inside a sealed unit, so they are very reliable and require virtually no maintenance. Hub gears are very easy to operate and can be shifted at any time, even under load or standing still. This is especially useful for novice riders or cycling in hilly terrain.

A range of systems are available on ICE trikes including the SRAM Dual Drive, Alfine 8, and Rohloff Speedhub.


The SRAM Dual Drive is a unique system that combines a three-speed gear hub with a traditional 9 speed cassette body all controlled by a single shifter. The system gives you 27 gears, so you’ll only need a single chainring on the chainset.


The Alfine 8-speed hub is very easy to use and has all the gears needed for most terrain. If you ride in hilly terrain consider combing the Alfine with three chainrings on the chainset. This combination requires two shifters, so is a little more complex, but you will have the benefits of a very wide range of gears.


The Rohloff Speedhub has 14 gears with even increments of 13.6% making it possible to ride continuously at peak performance. The overall range of the hub means that you always have access to the right gear regardless of the terrain.

So, if you are looking for an easy to use, virtually maintenance free gear system, consider configuring your trike with hub gears.