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ICE at EuroBike


Elliot: is it me or is it getting foggy very fast?

Chris: I think you’ll find that that’s smoke coming from under the bonnet……..

It’s fair to say our EuroBike trip could have started better, but who hasn’t forgotten to put the oil cap back on the engine after a refill and before driving off?

Nevertheless having never been to a bike show before I was more than a little excited to be going to EuroBike and nothing was going to change it. So with a tin of WD40 and a bottle of oil the engine was clean and re-filled in no time.

As we descended towards Friedrichshafen Airport Germany we flew over the SEVEN! EuroBike hangers and it was clear I had massively underestimated its size. I’m pretty sure at that point my jaw hit the runway before the tyres of the aircraft did.

For ICE EuroBike is a chance to catch up with our German distributors It also allows us to meet friends old, current and hopefully new.  As I am on the marketing/design team EuroBike also provided me with the chance to look at all the pretty things and gain some inspiration.

As I’m sure we all have better things to do than read page after page of my highlights I’ve restricted them to my top 5.

Bottom of Form

5. The thought that Wilier put into their bike designs really pays off in the fine details. This size guide is superior to all the others I’ve seen.

4. Dave Atkinson from Road CC visited us at the booth to get the lowdown on the recumbent market and where ICE stand within it. (read road CC's recumbent round up here)

3. The Wilier Pentevecchio appealed to the arts and fartsy side of me. Clean and simple shapes with bright and boisterous colours made this bike “the bike of the show” for me.

2. So who knows this guy? I managed to bump into cycling royalty at EuroBike, Tom Ritchy was one of the first EVER mountain bikers and set the standard to all those who followed.

1. Ok so I like simplicity, simplicity is “Knog”. With no representatives and no “off on a tangent” gumpfh their booth was great. They simply put their Lights & Locks in a dark room, put on some tunes and hit the disco lights and the rest took care of itself. Spectacular!