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ICE Sprint user reviews

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Our customers say it best. They have been enjoying the fast-paced comfort of riding the ICE Sprint, and we are delighted to share their testimonials: 

“It has the perfect blend of stability, and nimble handling, and is an incredibly fun ride.” Patti, USA

That’s what the Sprint is all about; a sporty ride and heaps of fun.

I love - LOVE - the ICE Sprint.” Jim, USA

“The ride is superb.” Nik, UK

“The trike is a joy to ride.” Matt, USA

“Great handling, comfortable, smooth ride, quick, does hills well, feel enveloped in the comfy seat.” Tom, USA

Decades of recumbent expertise have gone into the development of the ICE Sprint. We’ve made hundreds of innovations to perfect the performance, stability, handling and comfort of our trikes.

“You can tell that ICE have been developing their trikes over many many years: everything is well thought-out, elegant, and simply works.” Nick, Scotland

Our custom designed suspension ensures a smooth ride that can be adjusted to your individual requirements.

“Having sustained a back injury during to my military career, this Trike is a blessing. With the full suspension it has allowed me the freedom to ride with my friends.” Craig, USA

“The suspension smooths out the bumps on the dirt road and the mesh seat feels really comfortable, allowing me to just relax and enjoy my surroundings.” Minh, USA

The wide range gearing makes light work of climbs and gives thrilling descents

“The gearing is ideal for any hill or for pushing on over smooth flat surfaces.” Nik, UK

Refined engineering design and quality components combine to provide an agile and stable ride through corners and even when braking

“The handling of the Sprint FS is amazing. …The handling is utterly predictable and solid--never a surprise or mis-step.” John, USA

“The steering response…is lightning” Giuseppe, Italy

The ICE Sprint has two seat options: mesh and hard-shell.

“I opted for the large carbon fiber seat option and really, really like it. It supports in all the right places and it is really amazing to be able to just stop, relax and take in the scenery.” Jim, USA

All this and it folds!

“The folding mechanism makes transporting it a breeze too.” Nik, UK

“The Sprint folds in seconds and slips right into the back of my Jeep Cherokee.” Jim, USA

We are proud to deliver capability, performance and refinement in all of our trikes, and this isn’t lost on our customers either

“Value for money, well, you get what you pay for. Quality costs, and for me this trike is worth every penny in more ways than one and ICE are confident enough to offer a 10 year warranty.” Nik, UK

Ice makes the best quality trike on the market and and as usual, the old adage still holds true; you get what you pay for.”  Peter, USA

In independent reviews ICE Sprint riders gave their trike an average of 4 ½ out of 5. To read their reviews follow this link and click the ‘Reviews’ tab.

Read reviews on the ICE Sprint. Click here and select the Reviews tab.