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Shiny, bright and lookin' good


Our quality control technician, Nathan Jarvis, is a real stickler for dirt and likes his trikes to look box-fresh. He’s put together this handy 5-point primer to keep your trike gleaming like new.

1.       Firstly you need to rid your trike of any heavy muck, grime and mud. Give it a gentle hose off using a spot of Muc Off bike cleaner and elbow grease.

2.       Get your chain clean – I love the Park Tool Cyclone Chain Scrubber. Pop some more Muc Off inside the reservoir to make sure every link gets a good clean. Make sure you lube the chain afterwards. I like Finish Line wet lubricant, but if you live in a hot dry place you’ll need to use a dry PTFE lube.

3.       Get the polish out and give the frame a good going over. Autoglym Super Resin Polish is great at getting rid of any last little bits of grease while giving the frame a spanking finish.

4.       Any hard black bits need a good going over with hard surface conditioner; get to work on the backs of mirrors, cable outers, gear shifters and chain tubes with Silkolene Pro Prep.

5.       Finally, give your tyres some care and attention; a nice bit of Simoniz Back to Black tyre black will have them looking their best (but don’t get them on your treads or disc brakes, or you’ll be having problems!)

      With a bit of t.l.c your trike will be looking show-room fresh. The products I’ve mentioned are my preferences but if you’ve found anything better I’d like to know – I want only the best for my trike!