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Maintenance 101: Lubrication

Parts to lube and grease

Your ICE trike has been built from quality materials and parts, and will last for many years with just a bit of simple maintenance. Doing your own basic maintenance give you a good feel of how your trike is working, as well as being very rewarding.

In this article we look at lubrication; one of the most effective ways of keeping your trike in smooth working order. This is the simplest thing you can do to prolong the life of your trike and just requires a few drops of oil and a light smearing of grease here and there.

You should lubricate the chain once a week, and always after riding in wet weather. Simply dot a few drops of oil along the length of the chain. A little goes a long way; it’s better to use a little every week than a lot once a month. While you’ve got the oil-can out pop a drop on the derailleur pivots too.

Wiping the chain down occasionally with a dry cloth will help keep it clean and prolong its life. For best results oil the chain in the evening and wipe it down the following morning; the oil will loosen grime and debris making it easier to remove. Don’t forget to add a touch of fresh oil to the clean chain.

Lubricate the cables once a month. There’s no need to remove them – just spray a little oil in from each end – but do take a moment out to check for signs of damage. Then move on to pedal bearings, wheel bearings, rear hub and headset; these will need a touch of grease. Just pop it on, move the part a little and the grease will work its way in.

Oils and greases are made to different formulas to work in different conditions – hot, dry, wet, humid, and so on. Check with your local bike shop to see which lubes work best in your area. We’ve developed our own formula that works brilliantly in the varied and often-changing weather conditions of the UK. The formula is top-secret, but we many share it with you one day…

Some moving parts of your trike do not need lubrication. These include the bearings in the suspension and steering ball joints (which are made from plastic which can be degraded by oil), and the front hubs bearings, handlebar (stem) bearings, and pulley bearings (which are pre-greased and sealed). If any of these parts feel rough or sloppy they will need to be replaced; talk to your dealer or contact ICE for help.

Lubricating your trike is a quick and simple maintenance task that has a big impact on the life of your trike.

Love your trike!