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Fit for you - adjusting your mesh seat

Mesh seat adjustment

We want your trike to be the perfect fit for you. This article shows you how to adjust your mesh seat so that it fits you perfectly.

There are two ways you can adjust the seat for optimum comfort:

-          Adjusting the tension of the seat straps

-          Adjusting the recline angle of the seatback

The seat straps can be adjusted to tighten the base and back of the seat. For maximum comfort you may need to tighten the cover more in some places than others. All of this comes down to personal preference, but in general the base of the seat should be tight and the back looser. Unless you are making a few minor adjustments it is far easier to remove the seat from the trike, make the necessary changes, and then refit the seat on the trike. To remove the seat, unscrew the fittings under the seat base and slide off the frame (1), then open the quick release lever on the seat post (2).

During the first few weeks of use the seat cover and straps will stretch a little. You may need to tighten some of the straps to restore the comfort. In time this natural stretching will settle down and you won’t need to make any further adjustments.

The seat has four recline positions, and adjusting this is quick and simple. First loosen the quick-release lever on the seat post (2). If you want to make the seat more reclined set it to the slots closest to the seat back. If you want to make the seat more upright set it to the slots furthest from the seat back (3). Finally retighten the quick-release lever.

It is worthwhile trying your seat at various angles. Many riders find that as they become accustomed to their trike they come to prefer a more reclined seat angle. Again this is down to personal preference.