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Midwest Recumbent Rally

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So after months of excitement about travelling over to Stevens Point, WI, for the Midwest Recumbent Rally hosted by Hostel Shoppe, Patrick and I crawled into our hotel beds after 24hours of traveling and fell into an exhausted sleep…that lasted until about 6am when the jet lag kicked in!

Thursday saw us heading over to introduce ourselves at Hostel Shoppe and have a tour around their impressive shop and workshop. We then spent a couple of hours playing on as many different recumbent bikes and trikes as possible before heading off to explore Stevens Point.

Jump to Friday morning and the 25 mile ice cream ride begins. Hostel Shoppe’s owner Rolf kindly set me up on an ICE Sprint, and Pat on a Volae recumbent bike and we set off for a fantastic sunlit cruise around Wisconsin’s country roads. With great weather, company and ice cream to finish this morning couldn’t have been better!

The Saturday dawned bright and cold, we didn’t see this however as we were still sleeping off our horrible jet lag and rewriting presentation scripts which we had impressively forgotten to bring. We headed down to the test track as soon as we could and gave a lot of people their first taste of three wheels, and then in some cases their second, third and fourth tastes. After a long morning and afternoon in the sun resizing trikes, we had our presentation in the afternoon. We headed into the air conditioned sanctuary of the gym next door and gave our less than immaculately prepared presentation. We talked for about 45 minutes about the ins and outs of trike film making and people seemed to enjoy themselves. Much to our surprise, so did we.

The Saturday ended with a Hostel Shoppe staff meal out and a good couple of pints to get us ready for an 8am start on Sunday and a 46 mile rally. In hindsight, none of this was sensible!

The day started overcast and cool, with some drizzle in the air; familiar territory for us Brits. We set out on our trusty steeds for another good long ride through the Wisconsin countryside, but this time with some great friends and a much more casual pace. As the ride progressed the skies cleared into another stunning day which neither of us wanted to end.

The weekend was excellent and we would thoroughly recommend attendance for anyone who is able to make it next year. We are both hoping our names come up in the selection for next year’s Midwest Recumbent Rally.

A HUGE thanks to Rolf, Barb, Jessie and everyone else who made us both feel so welcome so far from home.

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Cheers, Dan & Patrick