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New Instructional Films

The first instructional film of ICE's Air-Pro Seat Pad Fitting.

ICE Air-Pro Seat Padding Fitting -  The first of many...

At ICE we always aim to give our customers the highest level of service. We have a great selection of information on our website to help ICE riders keep their trikes in top condition, but we knew we could top the industry standard printed instruction manuals.

Fuelled by the success of our promotional films, we decided to get the cameras out again to create instructional videos. Films provide something that words and pictures alone simply can’t replicate – being able to watch the mechanics happening in front of you makes maintenance so much easier.

The first instructional film shows you how to fit the ICE Air Pro Seat Pads, enabling you to customise the fit of the seat for optimal comfort. The film is clearly narrated, with accompanying illustrations, animations and film footage to make the instructions crystal clear. The film is available to watch now on our YouTube channel.

We are confident that the instructional films will be a great success, and we’ll be making more over the coming months. But if you prefer the traditional method of ink on paper, all of our manuals and instruction sheets are available on our website including the 2012 manual.

We’d love to know which of our instruction sheets you’d like to see turned into a film. Please contact us to let us know which films would be most useful to you. Email your request to or contribute to the discussion on our Facebook page.