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Saddle Safari

Andy and Barry the dog

This article was written by Adam Thomas, a mechanic at Saddle Safari, Marlow, England.

"We have been dealing with ICE for nearly two years now and to celebrate we thought we would share one particular success story that I’m sure most of our regular customers will be aware of with the owner of Saddle Safari, Andy. Andy had an exploratory operation on a spinal tumour in 2012 which led to spinal damage and lower body paralysis. Later more tumours were found in the brain and spine and a diagnosis of NF2 was made. Desperate to get back out and experience the freedom that a bike provides, Andy started to research recumbent trikes and one brand that stuck out was ICE Trikes. On an impulse he bought an Adventure trike without test riding and he hasn’t looked back since.

Once it arrived the first impression was, ‘how are we going to put this together?!’ All our mechanics are well versed in the art of bicycle building and maintenance however some of the trike specific parts and accessories had us stumped. Not that Mike likes to admit but he had to read the instructions – something he hasn’t had to do for a while.  Once started, it took him 3 and a half hours to build but the end result was worth it.

Straight away the trike became a very important part of Andy’s life, giving him the freedom to ride to the shop on his own accord, bike rides with his young family and taking Barry the dog out for his walks. We were all so impressed with the quality of the trike that we took the decision to stock them which proved a wise move as they have become a successful addition to Saddle Safari.  In Andy’s case the move to three wheels was a necessity however you may be surprised to know we get a 50/50 split between disabled customers that need them and able bodied customers who just want the stability, comfort and speed they offer.

Why not pop into the shop to try one?"

Saddle Safari 

9 Dean Street, Marlow, Bucks SL7 3AA

01628 477020