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New Seat Protector Accessory

Seat Protector

England is renowned for its bad weather, and the ICE factory is in a particularly rainy part of England. You may also know that the ICE factory is a 5 minute cycle from the coast, and this means one thing – big seagulls and lots of guano!

Faced with these two atmospheric conditions, we have developed a cover to protect our seats from the elements.

The new accessory comes in two sizes for standard and HD mesh seats. Use it when you aren’t riding your trike to keep the seat clean and dry.


The rain cover packs into a pouch that fastens to the back of the Ergo Flow mesh seat with two Velcro straps. When you stop riding, pull the cover out of the pouch and fit it over the seat – it is elasticated, with no fiddly clips or straps, so it’s quick and easy to fit. When you are ready to ride remove the cover and stuff it back into the pouch.

The pouch has a volume of approximately 1 litre, making it ideal for storing small items like a lightweight shell jacket or a meal. For this reason you can also buy the pouch separately. Please note the pouch has a mesh base to aid ventilation, and is not fully waterproof.

Ask your local dealer about the new seat protector, or contact us directly –, 01326 378848.