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Spezi 2012 Review

Spezi montage

This April, ICE escaped the windy wetness of Cornwall to enjoy 32°C heat in Germersheim, Germany, for the weird and wonderful special bike show Spezi 2012.

Having disassembled the rental car to accommodate our four trikes and plenty of ‘on the road’ snacks, we left our office in Falmouth to take a night ferry from Plymouth to Roscoff, France. It was a rough and bumpy crossing, but clearly this was just the tail end of the miserable UK weather, as we arrived on a beautifully sunny day in France. We jealously watched the cyclists disembarking on the other side as we got in our vehicle and drove away.  After an 11 hour drive we arrived in Germersheim and sat down with our friends from Icletta (the German distributor of ICE) for a welcome evening meal. 

The first show day was gloriously hot! I have never seen so many bikes, trikes, velomobiles, scooters, hand powered contraptions, and everything else in between all in one place! We had two stalls - one outside and one inside the exhibition hall - from which to showcase our trikes. There was plenty of excitement and interest in and around our stands with visitors jostling to see and try the ICE trikes.  

That afternoon was my chance to shine at the infamous Germersheim trike race. I fuelled up on a large bratwurst and set off to the track for victory! The race was set on a twisty loop with sections of gravel track that made for a skiddy course. There were frequent ramps that, if hit at speed, caused the trike to sail through the air. After a few practice laps my confidence grew and speed increased: my custom ICE trike was stable, easy to control and fast.

Poised on the start line I felt that I had a good chance of doing well. On the starters mark we all flew off the ramp and headed into the first corner. Then disaster – I collided with another cyclist! I gave it everything to make back the lost seconds, but my race was over. Even so, it was an enjoyable event and hopefully it will be good practice for the HPV world championships at Fowlmead in June.

The next day, thankfully, was a little cooler. It was fantastic to see the rush for our trikes in the test track, the new Vortex being especially popular.  We also had fun ourselves, spinning around on the track testing out different bikes, trikes and scooters.

As we finished packing up the stalls ready for our return trip back home to Cornwall, it started to rain; a refreshing end to a wonderful weekend at Spezi.

Paul Edgerley.
Pictures from top right: the Icletta stand; visitors couldn’t get enough of the ICE Vortex; the test track (and me on a Pedersen bicycle); getting used to the ramps on a practice lap; getting a little air; little consolation from Andy after my collision