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SPEZI 2012 Winner


When you arrive at the coolest cycle show in the world, you don’t want to hang around at the entrance foyer filling out forms. That’s what Jurgen reckoned, but his girlfriend Sonya thought otherwise. “That first prize is a really cool trike, stop moaning and fill out the form” she urged him, grabbing two forms and quickly completing them. Hours later Jurgen couldn’t believe his luck when he got a message from SPEZI organiser Hardy Siebecke, saying he was the lucky winner of the first prize; an ICE Sprint.

Last week Hardy Siebecke invited the SPEZI prize winners to a dinner and award ceremony in Germersheim’s city garden restaurant. Kirk and Manuela Seifert, our esteemed German distributors, went along to present the ICE Sprint and give Jurgen a full tutorial.

While to food was excellent, all the winners wanted to do was receive their prizes! Kirk and Manuela ensured that Jurgen’s new trike was set up perfectly for him and set him off on a few test rides. Jurgen was so impressed with the quality of the ride that he decided to ride the 10km home. Unfortunately in his enthusiasm he set off with the car keys, leaving Sonja standing in front of a locked car. Thankfully he was back as quick as a flash on his speedy ICE Sprint!

We are delighted that the ICE Sprint has found an enthusiastic new owner who is looking forward to setting off on a series of trike tours. “Now all we need is a trike for Sonja so we can ride together” said Jurgen.

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