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Spezi 2015

Spezi banner

Spezi may not be the biggest cycle show on earth, but it must be the most diverse. The only common theme between the machines on display that they all have tyres – everything else is optional and changeable – resulting in a kaleidoscopic array of recumbents, folding bicycles, tricycles, quadcycles, e-bikes, tandems, scooters, velomobiles…well the list of categories is endless!

Spezi was established 20 years ago by Hardy Siebecke, who hoped it would promote his cycle shop in the town of Germersheim, Germany. Now the show has over 100 exhibitors and attracts over 10,000 visitors from across the world. It’s fair to say that Spezi is a huge success and a delightful show to attend.

The show is spread between three exhibition halls, a lecture room, and various outside venues including test tracks, exhibition space, a race track, entertainment areas and cafes. Spezi fills the streets, with people riding through the town and showing off their homemade inventions. The atmosphere is friendly and buzzing with enthusiasm over the ideas and innovations on display.

We are very fortunate to have huge help from our German distributor, Icletta, which enables ICE to exhibit in three different locations during the show; exhibition hall 1, the outside exhibition area and the test track. There were 14 ICE trikes on display, and I estimate that the total distance covered by our test trikes exceeded 1500 miles (2400km) over the weekend!

The show was incredibly busy with real enthusiasts who were keen to discuss details and take test rides. I managed to slip away from the exhibition stand and test track for an hour to have a good look around the show and soak up the atmosphere. However, of all the amazing things I saw the best was meeting ICE owners and hearing stories of their trike riding adventures.

Spezi was a superb show and I highly recommend it. Thank you to the team from Icletta for making it possible, and to the ICE dealers and owners who visited us to say hello. I hope to see you again next year! 

Spezi 2015 outside

Outside Hall 1

Spezi 2015 outside booth

The Icletta booth, showing ICE trikes in the outside exhibition area

Spezi 2015 ICE Full Fat

The Full Fat was very popular with test riders

Spezi 2015 test track

One of three test tracks

Spezi 2015 Inside Hall 1

Inside Hall 1. This photo was taken early on Sunday morning, before visitors arrived. Usually the booth was so full of people you could barely see it!

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