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Spezi Report

We’ve just returned from Spezi 2010, what a show, an awesome range of recumbent bikes and recumbent trikes attracting over 10,000 visitors – and the sun shone! We've written a short report of a few things which caught our eye, to see all our images and films visit of Facebook page

Spezi 2010

Spezi is a very well organised show and gives a real snapshot of the recumbent market and also attracts many innovators showing the latest trends in recumbent design. 

ICE partnered with our distributor Icletta to exhibit at Spezi. We also had a good look round the show, one thing is clear the recumbent market is growing with new innovation coming thick and fast.


Show Highlights

 Here’s a few of the things which caught our eye

 Ocean Cycle Velomobile

 One of our partners Ocean Cycle have developed a new velomobile called the Challenger which fits an ICE Sprint or ICE QNT recumbent trike.

Blog image of Challenger Velomobile

It had its first outing at Spezi, a fantastic looking machine – congratulations to Marcin for developing this velomobile and getting the first example ready in time for Spezi. Keep your eyes open for new blog posts updates on Marcin’s work our blog.

Contact Marcin at for more information

Troytec Speedbikes

We're not afraid to admit - we wanted one of these, what a machine!

Blog image of Troytec Speedbike

A Band on a Bike 

Spezi always has some surprises, we enjoyed this fantastic band on a bike, check out For more information

Blog image of bike band

Recumbent Trike Roof

For when the rain stops play! Check out for more information

Blog image of Velotop recumbent roof

Catermeran Recumbent

This looks fun! We’re right next to the sea down here in Cornwall so this could be the idea partner to and ICE recumbent trike

Image from Spezi 2010

Visit our Facebook page at to see all our images for Spezi.