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Spring clean your trike

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Over the winter many of us will cycle a little less and will perhaps give their trike a hibernation period until spring arrives. For those who tucked their trike up safely for the winter, it’s time to get it out on the trail to make the most of spring.

Hopefully you gave your trike a good clean, lubrication and service before you tucked it up over the winter months. Even so it’s good to give it another once-over with the oil and polish. For cleaning tips read Nathan’s article “Shiny, bright and lookin’ good”, and for lubrication advice read “Maintenance 101: Lubrication”.

Before your first ride of the season give your trike a full service: check the derailleurs, brakes, suspension, drivetrain, frame, tracking and tyre pressure (we recommend 60-80 psi). Instructions for checking and adjusting your trike are in your manual (download the latest manuals and instructions here). If you are not sure, take your trike to your local dealer or competent bicycle mechanic. 

Your trike is now ready to hit the trails, but remember that you may be a little creaky - be kind to your legs on the first few rides! Enjoy the scenery, enjoy the spring and look forward to another fantastic cycling season.