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Maintenance 101: Storing your trike


Over the winter many of us will cycle a little less and will perhaps give their trike a hibernation period until spring arrives. In this article we look at how to store your trike to ensure it is fresh for the first ride of the season.

Firstly give your bike a good clean and lubrication. For cleaning tips read Nathan’s article “Shiny, bright and lookin’ good”, and for lubrication advice read “Maintenance 101: Lubrication”.

Set the gears to the smallest sprocket and chainring. This keeps the derailleur springs and cables under minimum tension.

Ensure the tyres are properly inflated and check them every month or two. Storing a trike on soft or deflated tyres is not recommended.

Store the trike indoors where it will be dry, preferably using a hanging storage system. Storing your trike outdoors is only acceptable if it is protected from the elements and there is good air circulation; storing under a tarpaulin will actually accelerate corrosion and can damage the paintwork and components.

Before your first ride of the season give your trike a full service: check the derailleurs, brakes, suspension, drivetrain, frame, tyres and tracking, and lubricate. Instructions for checking and adjusting your trike are in your manual (download the latest manuals and instructions here). If you are not sure, take your trike to your local dealer or competent bicycle mechanic. 

Enjoy the rest and look forward to a fresh season of triking fun!