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Teachers visit ICE HQ

Teachers visit ICE large

Did you know that most of the ICE team come from engineering and design backgrounds?  Get us talking about education and we get very passionate about the importance of giving children opportunities to design and make from an early age.

We like to encourage children to develop their engineering and design skills, so we offer summer work placements for teenagers, and support the engineering clubs of three local schools.

Last week we invited five teachers to visit ICE as part of a new education project. The event, called STEPS at Work, is funded by the Royal Academy of Engineering and is designed to promote careers in science, technology, engineering and maths. The teachers took a tour of the factory and talked with members of the production, engineering and design teams, as well as test riding ICE trikes. It was great to make links with the teachers and explain the skills and experience we look for when taking on new recruits.

Project coordinator Helen Field said “This was a fantastic opportunity to bring local school and college teachers to visit an exciting business and get a better understanding of how science, technology, engineering and maths are used in the workplace and how it relates to the curriculum.”

The day was a great success, although once the teachers got riding the trikes we thought we’d never prise them off!

We are really pleased to support the STEPS at Work programme, and hope that our work at ICE trikes will inspire more youngsters to continue designing and making, for work or pleasure.