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Test Riding at ICE HQ

Test riding an ICE trike

You are welcome to visit us to test ride ICE trikes. Martin (pictured above) came to test ride Sprint trikes and sent us this report of his visit. 

"Ewen picked us up from the front reception and was happy take us up to the back and start running through the various trikes and options available to me. Although admitting he was not a sales person it made no difference to us as he was keenly opening the storage areas and chatting about the trikes and current ICE news.  I already had a Sprint in mind based on the expected use for the daily work commute and general fast touring. We went through all the seats, headrests and so forth before I was fitted to take a Sprint RS round the corner and then an un-suspended Sprint 26.

I had tried an ICE Q during an outing from Future Cycles back in 2008 (now closed unfortunately) and enjoyed it then.  I did end up buying a trike but more "entry level" quality and though it has seen 7 years of service it cannot compare to the overall smooth, comfortable and comparatively effortless ride of an ICE trike. No bump steer for one thing and more control on the brakes plus; it just feels more planted, relaxed and enjoyable.  The quality of ICE is also far superior!

The rear suspension version didn't quite suit my personal look and feel whilst the general ride quality was so much better on the 26 than my own trike that it was a great improvement anyway.  The more standard gearing and cassette also aids long term parts acquisition.  Choosing the front gearing took time for consideration but after a longer ride around my old area, up Penmere Hill and past my old schools, I was spinning out on the larger "road" gearing and pretty good on the hills so considered that best for current needs.

Brakes were a simple choice for me: Drums!  After years of fussing over discs, pads and constant adjustments I was determined to keep things as low maintenance as possible.  With a final consideration of seats I liked the standard mesh type just fine which also helped keep the costs down.

Coming back in from the ride my wife and dad were sipping tea with a few of the team and looking around the warehouse discussing things in general.  I had a chat with Andy around parts, maintenance and things based on my previous experiences with trikes which gave me a lot of confidence that many of my old "bug-bears" would not follow me if I decided to buy.

And buy we did!  As a 40th birthday present I was helped out to purchase a Sprint 26  sitting with Patrick and picking a couple of additional options.  Almost went with the Black but the Red is so deep and smooth it was a must have. Given my birthday in June and the expected waiting times usual for recumbents we were surprised to find we could pick one up the following day!  Awesome! Early birthday present (although there were some empty threats from the family to hold it until June!).

We ended up picking it up on the Thursday, bringing my eldest son Charlie (5 years old) to have a look as well.  Once again the team were great and it was lovely to see the team set up a "mini" Easter egg hunt for Charlie, around the warehouse - happy wondering around and finding chocolate eggs.  My Sprint 26 was set up for me by Andy and given a run through to make sure I was happy.

The team went through some final possible additions, plus popping in a couple of appreciated goodies, and we headed home after a very enjoyable overall experience.

Living in Swindon and with a packed car I couldn't bring it straight home but my Trike arrived in the back of my parents car the following Monday.  Obviously it was not going to sit in the garage (pah!) so I put on a few miles that night, setting time and comfort records on my usual route to work.  There was a very minor concern about fitting through the work bike shed door but a slight "turn" of wheels and frame going through solved that one.

Sadly I was ill the next few days with tonsillitis but then next week, and ever since, Scarlet (as she has been named) is proving everything I hoped.  The odd rattle is from my pannier bags on the rack whilst the drums have bedded in nicely, stopping well with a bit more of a squeeze than my old discs but more controlled and far less noise/fuss.  She has become wet and dirty already with a down hill Strava record and "top 10" in a couple more areas to her name (and that's loaded for the commute) so certainly not slow.  I don't bump her up and down the kerbs like my old one, nor throw her round with abandon but that is because the trike is more sophisticated and road orientated.  Occasionally I miss the handbrake turns and swinging the back end round though!

So far so good and I am very pleased with the overall experience, from visiting, buying to riding, and looking forward to many happy, fast and comfortable miles with her.  You may even find me dropping down for a service to show you how well she is used.

Long term additions considered are lights for over the winter (bottle dynamo type considered at the moment - is there a type preferred on the rear mount?) but little else because everything works (a novelty for me).

Thanks again for a great visit and a wonderful product.

Kind regards


If you would like to visit ICE HQ to test ride trikes please call or email to arrange an appointment. Alternatively look on the "Find an Approved Dealer" page of the ICE website and visit your nearest dealer.