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Top touring tips

Anne Dussert 2011 (136)

Cycle touring is the most enjoyable way to travel, but unfortunately it’s very addictive; you’ll find yourself planning your next trip before you have even finished your first.

Here are my top tips for cycle touring:

1.       Practice and train. This doesn’t need to be overdone but it’s good to get your body used to the trike and it will help you tweak your equipment so it suits your style of riding.

2.       Keep your kit light! Bring the absolute minimum to keep you safe and comfortable. Do you really need that extra jumper/ t-shirt? My aunt once told me when travelling “bring twice the money and half the clothes”.

3.       Travel less, see more. Don’t try to do too much, especially on the first few days – I have made this mistake more than once.

4.       Keep your trike well maintained. Look after your trike, keep on top of light maintenance and get comfortable with the mechanics. You’ll never regret learning how to repair a puncture!

5.       Plan your route. Make sure you have the right maps and enough food for your ride so that you are well prepared. But, leave some flexibility in your plans so that when you hear about some cool new place, you can detour to see it.