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Vortex Testimonials

Vortex word cloud

The ICE Vortex is a new breed of recumbent trike. Super-charged with technical expertise and specialist knowledge, the ICE Vortex has been heralded with star reviews. A narrow-track super-light frame carries performance components and cutting edge technologies to deliver an unparalleled speed machine.

Riders have been sharing their experiences riding the ICE Vortex. With an average customer rating of 5 out of 5, we’re proud to share their comments.

When you’re after a performance trike, you have to look to a performance company to deliver.

 “I have been doing research on trikes for many years and ICE does have the best that I have seen.” Chris, Canada

“As with other ICE trikes, the engineering features are superb, and well coordinated for the purpose of this machine…the Vortex is all about quality performance.”  John USA

Ultimately the ICE Vortex is about speed, and riders find that this trike undoubtedly delivers.

“I've done 29.5mph sustained for 2 miles on flats and have hit low 40's on many hills. Just don't have anything big enough and long enough here in MD. Average speed for most rides 14 to 16mph a solid 3mph faster than the '11 Vortex.” Steven, USA

“It is a fun and fast riding experience.” John USA

“…if you like to go fast then this is the trike. Larger back wheel and easily cruises at 40k.” Chris, Canada

“it's FAAASST and corners like its on rails!” John, UK

When you’re moving fast, you need to have precise steering and reliable stability. The ICE Vortex cruciform geometry provides stability and nimble handling even at speed.

“The famously predictable ICE indirect steering just seems to keep getting better with each new model, and is at the top of the game on the Vortex +.”John USA

“It turns HARD, PRECISE, and SURE. End of story.” Steven, USA

The Air-Pro seat, a hard-shell anatomically designed seat, supports the rider through aggressive cornering and provides a firm platform to pedal against. Angled low, reclining down to 25°, it minimises frontal area and reduces aerodynamic drag.

The ICE Vortex+ is fitted with highly advanced racing components and customised features to efficiently convert pedalling effort into forward motion.

“The Vortex plus readily demonstrates how all these performance features come together.” John USA, who competes in Ironman and triathlon on his ICE Vortex+.

All elements of the trike have been carefully considered and honed, bringing the ICE Vortex+ at under 29lbs (10.4kgs).

“The trike is light!…WEIGHT DOES MATTER. Don't let anyone tell you differently.”  Steven, USA

Sleek, beautiful and incredibly fast. The ICE Vortex has it all.

“Fast, fun, comfortable trike with very sexy lines; top of line customer support! What's not to like? Get one now!” Lanier, USA

 Full customer reviews are on the ICE website. Click here and go to the User Reviews tab.