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Won Cha's Adventure


Stereotypically, westerners know that all Asian people ride bicycles, right?  Well, I’m Korean and I never learned to ride a bicycle.  And these days, Korea, Japan and most other developed Asian countries have at least as many cars per capital as do Western nations. My husband, Hoppy, who is an avid cyclist and the owner of T-Ryx Recumbent Trikes (one of the largest trike dealerships in California) tried to teach me to ride a standard bicycle years ago but pretty quickly he realized I was a lost cause for two wheels.

One Monday in early Fall 2011, after several years of trying to get me to ride farther than our shop’s parking lot, Hoppy wheeled out a demo ICE Adventure FS+. “There’s no learning curve in riding a recumbent trike” he said. “Bah!” I said (I wasn’t going to let him win this learn-to-cycle battle!)

I’m a petite lady, only 4’-10” tall, and I couldn’t reach the pedals with the boom all the way in.  Hoppy added a bracket* that moved the seat forward and upward so I could reach the pedals without a problem.  To keep my husband happy, I sat down for a little pedal; I had no intention of going very far.

Although I’ll never admit it to Hoppy, I actually enjoyed riding the ICE Adventure that day. It was my first time pedaling anything anywhere and I ended up cycling 9.5 miles along Mission Bay in San Diego. A week later I rode 17.2 miles on the Silver Strand, Coronado Island, California.  Then I got a little lazy and only rode 15 miles.  But the fourth time I rode 24 miles, all the way around Mission Bay in San Diego!  Granted, I was riding only about 5-6 mph, but that’s one of the many benefits of riding a recumbent trike, isn’t it?  You can ride as fast or as slowly as you want and you’re not going to fall over.  Hoppy has a bunch of trikes in his shop going zero mph as we speak, and they’re not falling over.  J

I am now preparing for a new season of riding my trike (it’s not Hoppy’s demo trike anymore, but I do let customers take a spin on my ICE Adventure!) I sent photos to my family in San Jose, California and they now plan to visit us and I’ll take them out for a spin through my favorite spots.  My niece In Cha said that if I can ride 24 miles, she can ride farther.  In Cha never learned to ride a bicycle either, but she’ll be just fine on a trike.

So, for all those people out there who, like me, can’t ride a bicycle, let me tell you that you can ride a recumbent trike. And with a suspended trike like the ICE Adventure FS it’s like cruising around town on your favorite armchair, so you can cycle and you can cycle all day!

-          - Won Cha Dean (sometimes known as “Atom”)

Click here to visit T-Ryx Recumbent Trikes

* ICE FF Seat Bracket(Note: the FF bracket is not recommended for the Adventure because, for average height and weight riders, it moves the center of gravity too far forward, and upward.  The FF Bracket is intended for use on the ICE Sprint for shorter riders.