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Some trikes are better than others…

(We think ours are the best on the market; we believe you will feel the same)

  • Adventure Film


    From $3,010.15

    Enjoy the relaxed pace of recumbent cycling on a beautifully designed, luxurious, ICE Adventure. Cruise the open road, discover hidden trails and explore new horizons. All models in the Adventure range are available with an HD (Heavy Duty) option.

    Higher more upright riding position
    Very Easy mounting and dismounting
    Quick and easy ICE Compact Flat Twist fold
    ICE Road Response Full suspension available
    HD (Heavy Duty) option gives great comfort for larger riders
  • Sprint Film


    From $3,022.16

    Sporting performance and laid-back comfort combine in the versatile ICE Sprint. Whether you’re carving bends, pushing your speed, or on a weekend tour, you’ll be ready for the challenge.

    Mid height riding position
    Designed for a sporty ride
    Quick and easy ICE Compact Flat Twist fold
    ICE Road Response full suspension available
    X-type upgrades available for optimised speed
  • VTX Film


    From $4,282.96

    Realise your ambition for speed. Sleek, lean and finely tuned, the ICE VTX delivers superior performance to the most exacting enthusiast.

    Narrow ICE cruciform profile
    Race orientated seat angle and height 
    Lightweight race components throughout for sub 29lbs (13.38kg)
    Stunning distinctive styling