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Inside the Air-Pro Seat

Take an inside look at the design, manufacture and features of the ICE Air-Pro seat.

Air-Pro seat manufacture1

The ICE Air-Pro Carbon seats are handmade composite hard-shell seats that provide exceptional stiffness with minimal weight, weighing in between 1.1-1.4kg with the carbon saving approx 0.38Kg (0.84lbs) over the GRP version. The Air-Pro shell is an anatomically contoured shape which is available in two sizes (medium & large). The shell supports the rider through aggressive cornering and provides a firm brace to pedal against while flexing where appropriate for comfort. The shell has incorporated wings unlike most of its competitors which reduces weight and increases efficiency. Fitted to the shell is a custom composite fabric cover made from carefully selected foams and surface materials for ultimate performance. Max rider weight 230lbs (104Kg). The technical pad system is arranged to provide maximum comfort and support while riding, incorporating natural ventilation channels to maintain a cooling airflow across the back. Recognising that the shape and riding style of every rider is undoubtedly different ICE have also designed a personal padding system that is provided separately, these pads allow the rider to place extra pads directly to the shell and under the cover for added support in areas they deem necessary.

Air-Pro-detail 4

Beautiful, lightweight carbon fibre or more pocket friendly GRP options are available.


The Air Pro seat is a trike specific seat made only for ICE, we believe it is the best hardshell seat on the market today.


Designed for low recline angles the Air Pro seat hugs your body through the corners to keep you in place and focused on the road ahead.


The smooth curves of the Air Pro seat add style to an otherwise purely functional object.

Every ICE Air-Pro Carbon Fibre or GRP seat is designed and fabricated in the UK at ICE HQ, Falmouth. Each seat is made using the highest quality design processes, raw materials and craftsmen. Designed in house using the latest CAD technology, the moulds are CNC routed for precision quality seat after seat. The seat itself is fabricated by a small team of professional and passionate craftsman; each seat is subject to the same reliable method of production within our small controlled environment. The seats are then finished by eye to ensure the highest quality finish time and time again. Each seat takes roughly 4-5 hours to produce from start to finish over several days.

Air-Pro Carbon Fibres

Each seat starts its life as individual fibres of a flat piece of carbon weave.

Air-Pro Laying up

The mould is prepped and the first layers of a new Air Pro seat are laid.

Air-Pro resin

Resin is impregnated into the layers of fibres to bind them together. The fibres provide the strength.

Air-Pro trimming

Years of experience show in the Air Pro seat’s layup and trimming.

Air-Pro Finishing phase one

Marcin carefully prepares the mounting tube which clamps to the frame of the trike.