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ICE Jersey

After many months of development we're proud to announce the new ICE Jersey. The new high performance ICE Jersey has been designed from the ground  up specifically for recumbent cyclists.

ICE Jersey ICE trike

The jersey was developed by the designers and engineers at ICE who wanted to see a jersey as technically adept as their trikes.

The new ICE Jersey can be ordered from your local dealer, or direct from ICE by emailing with the size (from S to XXL), your country (so that we can calculate the cost of shipping), quantaties you require.

Pricing (Excluding shipping)

GBP £68, USD $90, EUR €80


ICE Jersey

Constructed from technical sports fabrics and tailored for a semi-relaxed fit, this bold jersey is suited to racing, touring and trekking.

The design focuses on four key areas - fabrics, construction, cut and visability - combined with thoughtful details that make a real difference to recumbent riders



Body temperature is correctly maintained by using different technical fabrics for the front and rear. The front pannel is wind resistant, wicks moisture, dries quickly and does not cling, while the rear panel is made from a cool and breathable fabric for maximum comfort against mesh-hardshell seats



A single panel on the back and flat-lock stitching means there are no uncomfortable seams to lie against. The front hem is slightly gathered with a silicone grip tape to stop the jersey riding up over the stomach.



The collar is high at the back and lined in soft fleece, tapering at the front to prevent chafing under the chin. A short lockable YKK zip at the front helps for temperature regulation and is fully lined and covered at the top.



Pockets on either side of the body have a zip closure, angled so that valuables won't fall out when sitting in a recumbent seat. The pockets are backed with thick microfibre to pad sharp items like keys, and to provide a convenient cleaning cloth for glasses and mobiles.



The ICE Jersey is styled with bold colours printed using a sublimation process for long lasting vibrancy. Reflective scotchlite TM panels positioned on each shoulder give enhanced visability in low light conditions

ICE Jersey Scotchlite Reflective panels

Permanent-No Chemical Product-Fresh-Dry

The human body reacts differently to the temperature, humidity or physical activity and releases energy. This energy converts to sweat and must be removed as quick as possible to avoid sudden temperature variations in the body. DRY CLIM speeds up this removal permanently and without additional chemical products.


Two fabric sides with opposite and independent functions: outside surface absorbs humidity; inside surface repels and expels it. The body remains dry with wetness outside.

How does it work

Fabrics with DRY CLIM technology have two surfaces with different functions:
- Inside surface: special fibres with large cross-section, that funnel moisture and allow a good breathability
- Outside surface: micro cross-section fibres, that transport moisture from the inside and quickly evaporates it.


DRY CLIM is permanent thanks to its
particular construction. These fabrics
have following attributes:
- Improves breathability
- Keeps the body fresh
- Fabric does not cling to the body
- Maximumises comfort
- Quick dry


Tests done in accredited laboratories and under ISO Norms show, that even under humid conditions close to 100%, DRY CLIM is 75% DRY on the inside and 75% WET on the outside. Similar fabrics with cannellated cross-sectional fibres from competing brands show the same WET humidity proportions on both fabric surfaces. DRY CLIM does not cling to the body and gives a very good feeling of comfort that helps to improve sporting performance.

Labratory tests

Test results of DRY CLIM and competing brands fabrics (with fibres with multitubular section). DRY CLIM is clearly superior in almost every test perameter:


Sizing Guide

Use the chart below to calculate which label size you require

Jersey chest and back
Label Size Half Chest (2.5cm below armpit) Body Length (back neck to hem) 
S 53cm 20.9" 74cm 29.1"
M 54cm 21.3" 75cm 29.5"
L  58cm 22.8" 77cm 30.3"
XL 62.5cm 24.6" 79.5cm 31.3"
XXL 66.5cm 26.1" 81.5cm 32.1"