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Accessories & Options

We offer a wide range of accessories for our trikes, all of them are designed and selected with the same care and attention to detail as our trikes and bikes. Read on to learn more about our accessories. To select accessories for your trike try our build and price tool in the main model web pages.

Adventure 6



Front Suspension Elastomers 


All of our front suspension ICE trikes come fitted as standard with a medium elastomers. However we do have soft and hard elastomer's available for a custom comfort setting. These elastomers are available for purchase when ordering your trike.

Rear Suspension Elastomers 


All of our rear suspension ICE trikes come fitted as standard with a medium/red elastomer. However we do have soft/yellow and hard/green elastomer's available for a  a custom comfort setting . These elastomers are available for purchase when ordering your trike. (Click here to find out what elastomer will suit you best)

Bar End Shifters - Adventure, RS and FS

Shimano Deore bar end shifter

Bar end shifter upgrade – includes Shimano Deore shadow rear derailleur, Shimano Dura Ace bar end shifters and a mirror mount.

Drum Brakes

Drum brake

Sturmey Archer drum brakes are renowned for their low maintenance requirements whilst providing good braking power and feel.

Braking System Options

Brake Systems, Tektro's Shown

As standard we spec the type of brakes on each of the models which we think is most appropriate for that model, some people however have specific requirements which mean that they require different brakes from the standard. There are three types of brake which we offer, Mechanical Disc brakes (Avid BB5 and Avid BB7), Hydraulic disc brakes (Tektro) and Drum brakes (Sturmey Archer). Mechanical disc brakes have excellent stopping power, good heat dissipation and a nice feel to them; they are standard on most Sprint models. Hydraulic disc brakes have similar characteristics to mechanical disc brakes but they have a little more power and a little better feel at the lever, they are more expensive and as such are fitted to our highest spec models. Drum brakes are a super low maintenance option which makes them great for touring and commuting type of use, they have plenty of stopping power for all but the most extreme use, they are fitted to most of our Adventure models. Our front suspension is only compatible with drum brakes and mirrored disc brakes, these are disc brakes which are a mirror image of each other for the left and right side and as such both sit below the kingpost.  The mechanical disc brakes are not available in a mirrored configuration and so are not compatible with the suspension...

Short Arm Cranks

Short cranks

For shorter riders we can supply a front chain-set with 152mm cranks in place of the more standard 170mm. These cranks come with alloy CNC machined 22/32/44 tooth chain rings on a 64/104 - 4 arm spider. The rings are smaller than those used on the standard chain-set we use and hence give a more appropriate lower gear spread. Short cranks give greatly improved comfort for shorter riders and are recommended for those under approximately 5'4". They are essential for riders under approximately 5'2" to give comfort and proper fit on the trike. Please see Trike Size page for more information.

Option Packs

Flex Pack

20 susp flex pack

The Flex Pack consists of ICE custom front and rear mudguards, rear rack and ICE custom chain-ring guard.
All models in the Adventure and Sprint ranges can be fitted with the Flex Pack to facilitate your commute to work, epic tour or cruise to your local café.

Convenience Pack

convenience pack mesh seat

The Convenience Pack consists of a front light mount, neck rest and quick release kit for the wheels, boom and (if fitted) rear mudguards.
All models in the Adventure and Sprint ranges can be fitted with the Convenience pack, adding helpful accessories to aid your journey.


Rigid 20" and 26" Rack

Rack 20in rigid

The ICE rear rack complete with custom fixing kit is the ideal complement to your ICE trike giving a robust luggage carrying system.

Maximum rack load - 25kg (55lbs)

Suspension 20" Rack

Rear rack

Made from 6061 aluminium, the geometry of the ICE rack has been developed to ensure that even a heavy load has a minimal effect of the action of the rear suspension. We've also added features such as a rear light mounting plate. The rack can be ordered with or without side supports depending on whether you would like to use panniers or just a top bag.

Maximum rack load - 25kg (55lbs)

Storage Solutions

Side Handlebar Mount and Bag

The ICE side "handlebar bag" mount is built to fit a standard bicycle handlebar bag and is very useful for accessing items without getting off the trike. A fixture which is designed to accept most bike handlebar bags and has a maximum recommended load of 8lbs (3.6Kg). The Altura Arran handlebar bag is recommended by ICE and gives an ideal day ride storage solution.

ICE Customized Side Pannier Racer Bag Fits Mesh (not HD) & Hardshell Seat (2x12.5L) 540g

2011 Radical side pods For Mesh Seats

The ICE Customized Racer bags have been customized to fit all of are seats exactly without the need for adjustment and are therefore lighter. These bags can only be used as a pair and are easy to add and remove from the trike by sliding them over the seat without the need of a rack. These bags are great for your daily riding and will easily carry your lunch, toolkit and any other bit and bobs you would need to carry. Available in black only with reflective tapes at the rear. 

Radical Side Pannier Racer Bag Fits Mesh & Hardshell Seat (2x12.5L) 540g

2012 Radical Racer Bag

The Radical Racer bags are great for day riding or commuting bags The bags fit directly onto the seat without the need of a rack (must be used as a pair) and can be quickly removed from the trike just by lifting the pair off the seat. Available in black only with reflective tapes at the rear.

Radical Banana Racer Vortex 2 x 12.5L black

Radical Banana Racer Vortex

The new Banana Racer panniers will fit both Hardshell and HD Mesh seats. They are the only side panniers that don't need a rack, they are fully suspended from the seat. A solution for recumbents that can't take rack bags or seat bags. With foam reinforcement and mesh pockets. They have a total volume of 25ltr and weigh 520 grams per pair.

Radical M Pannier Bags for Mesh Seats (2 x 27.5L) 960g

Radical M bags for mesh seats

The Side Panniers Medium have foam back panels and attachment loops for side pockets. The internal compression strap releases the strain on the zipper to provide easy opening and closing. The outside straps compress the pannier when it isn't fully packed. These straps also keep the storm closure in place. They come with mesh pockets to store snacks or maps. 920g per pair.

Radical S Pannier Bags for Mesh & Hardshell Seats (2 x 20L)

Radical M bags for mesh seats

The Side Panniers small has a content of 2 x 20 liters. Due to its smaller size it is less suitable for extended trips. It works well for shopping and commuting. This bag needs a rack. 660g per pair.

Radical Banana Racer HD Option 2 x 12.5L black

Radical Banana Racer Adventure HD

The new Banana Racer panniers will fit both Hardshell and HD Mesh seats. They are the only side panniers that don't need a rack, they are fully suspended from the seat. A solution for recumbents that can't take rack bags or seat bags. With foam reinforcement and mesh pockets. They have a total volume of 25ltr and weigh 520 grams per pair.

Radical Cyclone IV Trailer

trike trailer-cyclone-4-side

The Cyclone IV trailer is the fourth generation of the multiple award-winning Cyclone trike trailer. The Cyclone is used all over the world for cycling holidays, long trike rides and even expeditions. Due to its robustness, minimal rolling resistance and quick conversion to a duffelbag the perfect trailer for each trike ride with luggage.

Comfort and Convenience

Disk Parking Brake

Disc Parking Brake

Our disk parking brake upgrade is ideal for riders on longer tours in mountainous terrain. As well as functioning as a parking brake, it has been developed for use as a drag brake to regulate speed on long descents on a heavily loaded trike.


Front and rear 20 inch mudguard set

The ICE front mudguard is supported by a heat treated aluminium frame with a plastic guard body. The guard is adjustable for angle, height and horizontal position, ensuring a good fit. The rear mudguard has a custom mounting kit delivering good rider protection.

Mesh Seat Neck Rest

Mesh Seat Neck Rest

The ICE neck-rest is fully adjustable for both height and angle, and can be fitted to mesh seats to provide neck support for increased comfort on long rides. Fitted with a removable padded cover, the neck-rest also includes a light mount which provides a good place for fixing any rear light with a "Seat Post" style mount. (Light not included).

Chain Ring Guard

Chain ring guard

Designed by ICE, this optional chain ring guard is a light-weight and durable unit made from heat treated aluminium alloy. The guard is an added safety feature but is also very good in preventing you from accidentally brushing against the oily chain rings and avoiding the tell-tale prints on your legs or trousers.
The guard may be fitted without removing the chain set by means of its convenient 2- bolt fixing. A chain ring of up to 58 tooth size can be fitted.

Easy Adjust Kit

Easy adjust kit

The easy adjust chain kit fits to the trike and makes quick changes to the front boom length very simple, making the system ideal for riders who share a trike. The easy adjust kit comes with an integrated front chain ring guard and also includes quick release levers to allow rapid loosening of the front boom. The system allows easy boom extension adjustment removing the need to shorten or lengthen the drive chain.

Quick Release Kit

Quick release kit

The quick release kit is ideal for those who wish to easily remove mudguards, front wheels and adjust the boom without the need for tools.

Front Light Mount

front light mount

The front light mount provides a firm light mounting point, ideal for taking one or more lights for those winter rides.

Sizing Brackets

FF Brackets

FF Brackets

The FF bracket moves the front seat mount forward for very short legged riders, we recommend short arm cranks for riders taking the FF brackets. Please see rider size page for more information.

FB Brackets

FB Brackets

The FB bracket - moves the front seat mount backwards for very long legged riders. Note that using this bracket with the hard shell seat will reduce the maximum recline available. Please see our rider size page for more information.


Cateye EL-530

Cateye EL530 and TL1100 LIGHTS

The EL-530 has an output in excess of 1500 candlepower! It uses one massive LED within Cateye's patented opticube technology to provide an intense beam of light for up to 10 hours, with an additional 40 hours back-up. The EL 530 also features a magnetic switch, making it totally waterproof for use in all weathers. The TL LD 1100 LED rear light has flashing and normal modes for increased visibility.


Shimano PDA520 pedal

Shimano PDA520 pedal

We recommend SPD type pedals for trike riding as they securely attach your feet to the pedals. This great value lightweight touring SPD pedal is compatible with Shimano mountain and touring bike type cleats.  Adjustable cleat tension means you can start off with loose tension for extra easy engagement and release, and turn up the tension as you progress.

shimano PDP M324 plain /combination pedal

Shimano PD M324 pedal

We recommend SPD type pedals for trike riding as they securely attach your feet to the pedals. The Shimano PDP M324 SPD pedal is ideal for recreational riders who commute and tour. Combines SPD mechanism on one side and flat pedal body on the other, you can ride with cleats or normal shoes. Serviceable cup and cone bearings add to long life of the pedals. Adjustable cleat tension means you can start off with loose tension for extra easy engagement and release, and turn up the tension as you progress.


Schwalbe Big Apple

Big Apple

The Big Apple – for the ultimate in comfort, the larger air pocket absorbs some of the impacts to give a smoother ride. The Big Apple also has a large footprint to give reassurance in wet riding conditions

Marathon Supreme

Marathon Supreme

A touring tyre that can do everything. That was the ultimate goal of the Schwalbe R&D technicians when they developed the first of the Marathon Evolution tyre range three years ago. With an HD ceramic guard and triple nano compound, it offers outstanding qualities in puncture protection and wet grip, but with its fine LiteSkin sidewall it is easily the lightest and sportiest tyre in the Marathon Evo Line.
Note:The Marathon Supreme does not have a dynamo lighting strip.



For the ultimate in high performance, Durano is a narrow (25mm) road ride tyre for reduced rolling resistance and lightest weight. Featuring a dual compound, Durano offers greater grip for training on wet winter roads. It has a proven Race Guard protection belt.

Marathon Plus

Marathon plus

Punctures are a memory. The SmartGuard layer made from a flexible, special rubber offers particular resistance to shards of glass and flints. Even a thumbtack cannot penetrate this protective layer. The SmartGuard belt does not increase rolling resistance. The Marathon Plus rolls as easily as a tyre without protection. It is impossible to guarantee that a flat will never happen, but the Marathon Plus has the best defence against everyday tyre wreckers such as glass, flints or metal shards.



Kojak makes no compromises. Although this fast, sporty, tread-less slick is very lightweight, it still has a RaceGuard puncture protection belt.

Cycle Computer Mounts

King Post Computer Sensor Mount

Computer sensor mount

The king post sensor mount attaches to the end of the kingpost arm and allows the sensor to be easily positioned to pick up the magnet signal

Central Computer Mount

Central Computer Mount

Central Computer Mount

Our central mount allows easy fitting of the computer head unit to the trike. The mount is removable and is fitted to the bottle boss mounts on the top of the main frame


Alien 2 Multitool

Alien Multitool

The best multi tool that we have come across. A clever break-apart design makes it easy to find and use the right tool. And with 26 high quality tools at your fingertips, you’ll rarely find yourself without exactly what you need. There’s even a bottle opener for post-ride celebrations! Comes in its own carry case with belt clip.

ICE 9 Tooth Spanner


The ICE 9 Tooth Spanner is a must have item with any trike using a Capreo Cassette. This 9 Tooth Spanner is one of the best around, made from stainless steel and ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. The 9 Tooth Spanner is a tool that escapes most bike stores and is increasingly difficult to get hold of, yet its crucial if you need to tighten or remove your Capreo Cassette.


Race Rocket Mini Pump with bottle cage fixings


Very light Race Rocket mini pump comes complete with a bottle cage fixing bracket & clip.

Bottles, Bottle Cages and Mounts

Elite Bottle Cage

Elite Bottle Cage

The Mio Sior Elite bottle cage is the highest quality bottle cage ICE sell. The bottle cage is extremely strong, lightweight and durable. The spring action arms means the cage can comfortably hold almost any bottle. Fits front braze on mounts or onto optional extra mounting bracket for bottle cage which can be fitted to mesh seat models.

ICE 750ml Water Bottle

ICE Water Bottle

ICE's High Quality 750ml water bottle is a finishing touch to any ICE Trike and the best way to fill any bottle cage. The ICE water bottle includes a measuring guide.

ICE Bottle Cage Riser

Bottle Cage Riser

The bottle cage riser is custom built by ICE to ensure easy access to your water bottle. The bottle riser mount fits directly in-front of the rider and raises the angle of the bottle cage allowing the cage to be fitted facing the rider. This means that the bottle can be extracted in the laid back position and by pulling towards the rider. Some bottle cages wont work in conjunction with the ICE Bottle Cage Riser .(Bottle cage not included)

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