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Frequently Asked Questions

General Trike Questions

Q: What are the Seat weights and comparisons?

A: (Including all fixings and brackets)

ICE seats weights  
Seat  Weight Kg Weight lbs
Air Pro GRP seat complete 1.482 3.27
Air Pro Carbon seat complete 1.1 2.43
Mesh seat complete 1.796 3.96
2011 trike GRP seat with side wings and cover 2.293 5.06
2011 trike Carbon seat with side wings and cover 1.766 3.89
Weight saving comparisons    
2012/13 Air Pro Glass to Air Pro Carbon -0.382 -0.84
2011 GRP to 2012 Air pro GRP -0.811 -1.79
2011 Carbon to 2012 Air Pro Carbon -0.666 -1.47
2011 GRP to 2012 Air pro Carbon -1.193 -2.63

Q: Will cars and other vehicles be able to see me? / Will I be too low to be seen?

A: Yes, We find that other vehicles tend to give trike riders a wide berth as they are not used to seeing trikes on the road. The trike comes with a hi-visibility flag for extra visibility. People in cars have no problem seeing the trike and rider; after all, road markings are a lot lower and are easily seen by motorists.

Q: Will I be able to climb hills?

A: Yes, but not as fast as you can on a diamond frame bicycle. The fact that you cannot get out of the saddle and use your body weight means that you need to use a lower gear and pedal smoothly up the hills. Our range of trikes come with wide range gearing for this very purpose. If you get tired on the way up you can just put the brakes on and have a rest right where you are without even taking your feet off the pedals.

Q: Are there any carry cases that would fit my trike for long haul’s and even flights?

A: There are currently no carry cases that ICE deems fit for the job of carrying an ICE trike on long hauls and flights. The topic of carry cases is something we are constantly watching.

Q: How does it steer?

A: Sounds like an odd question but we hear it a lot, the trike has handlebars to either side of you with all the brake and gear controls mounted on them, simply pushing the left bar away from you while pulling the right one towards you turns the trike right (with the opposite turning left) It is completely intuitive when you sit on the trike.

Q: What do I do if I have a problem with my trike?

A: First port of call should be the place where you bought the trike; we choose our dealers based partly on whether they are capable of dealing with problems which may arise. If this is not feasible then the next option is to send an Email to us here at ICE ( and we will get back to you quickly and do our best to help. If it is a really urgent problem it can be best to give us a call as we get a lot of emails and sometimes it can take a day or two for us to answer them, our number is (+44)01326 378848.

Q: I want to make my drivetrain quieter by removing the chain tubes from my trike, is this a good idea?

A: Here at ICE we like chain tubes, if we didn’t we wouldn’t fit them to all of our trikes. They help to keep your trike and you cleaner, reduce the amount of chain maintenance you need to do as they keep the chain out of the dirt and they help to keep the chain from jumping off the rings on rough roads. The also facilitate the folding of the trike without getting covered in oil. Removing them will reduce the weight of the trike and will quieten the drivetrain down a little. This is at the expense of the convenience of the folding of the trike though. Put simply, if you regularly fold the trike then the chain tubes should be kept on the trike, if you do not fold the trike often and speed is very important to you then removing all but a short section of tube under the idler will help a little and may make your trike a little quieter.


Q: I would like to buy a frameset, is this possible?

A: Yes, the best thing to do here is to contact us directly at ICE so that we can discuss what it is that you need and what you do not. For instance you may not need a rear wheel, gears and brakes but you might need front hubs since ours are specially made and no others will fit. Once it is established you can purchase through your local dealer to receive support or if you are not near to a dealer then you can purchase through us directly. There will be no reduction in price by coming to us direct.


Q: I want to change my front wheels for bigger/ smaller ones, is this a good idea?

A: We do not recommend this, the steering geometry, braking characteristics and accessories such as mudguards are designed around the standard 20” front wheels, changing them can make the handling dangerous by introducing brake steer or making the trike overly sensitive to steering input. The rear wheel can be changed by using a new back end which alters the geometry to suit the different wheel size.


Q: I have an older ICE trike. Can I fit front suspension to it?

A: We have retrofit kits available for the front suspension. These kits fit the geometry of our 20” trikes made since 2001. Q and T and older, custom trikes will require a change of headsets to the A-Head type of the new trikes. Contact us or your dealer for more details and prices.

Q: Can I buy a B1 bike?

A: No, the bikes are discontinued for the foreseeable future and we have none left in stock. The bike was lovely to ride and we loved it but sales were not strong enough to make it worthwhile ordering more units.


Q: Can you build me a one off Monster / Hand cycle / Tandem / Other machine?

A: Unfortunately while we at ICE really enjoy making small batches and working in the workshop it is not an economically viable way of doing things. We cannot take on projects of this type.


Q: If I buy the trike directly from you rather than going to my local dealer can I get a discount?

A: No, we do not undercut our dealers and do not give special offers on new trikes. Going through the dealer is better for you, the customer, as they can provide local support and maintenance as well as expertise on the local area and which trike is right for you, they will also assemble the trike for you (a job which can take several hours your first time). If you are not located near to a dealer then we can deal directly with you and we will do our best to provide support by email from our HQ here.

Accessories and Options

Q: Should I go for the Bar end shifter option?

A: This is a matter of personal preference. Some people prefer twist shifters, some people prefer bar end shifters. The only way to know for sure which is right for you is to try out both. Both systems work well and we only fit high quality parts so you won’t be disappointed whichever you pick.


Q: How much weight does front suspension add?

A: 2.36lbs (1.07kg)

Q: What advantage does the larger rear wheel give?

A: The larger rear wheel gives a range of gears which are higher overall. This means that for flat riding it is a good idea, for riding in hilly areas it can make life more difficult. With our custom 9 tooth gearing on the 20” wheels you get the advantage of lower gears with still a high top gear. The larger wheel takes more energy to get up to speed meaning slower acceleration but once it is up to speed it takes longer to slow down again. This again is good for flat riding. Some people also think that the trike looks better, but this is a matter of taste. This means that for hilly areas or touring the Sprint will be a better choice than the VTX.

Q: Can i fit my favorite brand of disc brakes to my trike?/ Why do you only offer Tektro Hydraulic disc brakes or drum brakes on the suspension trikes?

A: On the suspension models of our trikes there is no room to mount two identical brake callipers as with this configuration one has to go above the steering arm of the king post and one has to go below. The only way to fit disc brakes to our suspension trikes is to use a mirrored disc brake. Unfortunately most manufacturers do not make a mirrored option for their disc brakes; this is due to a low demand for it in the mountain bike market. The Tektro Auriga Twin disc brakes which we offer are the best quality mirrored discs which we have found and they are excellent, reliable, powerful brakes. All of our trikes can be fitted with drum brakes and non-suspended models can have many more options of brakes but the unorthodox cable / hose routing can cause problems for some brakes.

Q: Are short cranks right for me?

A: If you are shorter than around 5’3” then yes, otherwise maybe. The short cranks mean that your feet go through a smaller circle and therefore your knees bend less; this can be beneficial if you suffer from knee pain. They do mean that you cannot apply as much force to the rear wheel as there is less leverage from the shorter lever; this is counter acted by the fitting of smaller chain rings to the cranks. This means that you can pedal faster in a lower gear and go at the same speed with less stress on the knees and around the same energy input. They are not for everyone but some people can benefit from them.


Q: What benefit does the hardshell seat offer compared to the mesh seat?

A: The hard shell seat gives a firmer platform to push against, this gives you a little more power, it also feels more confident in the corners, the downside to this is that the comfort can be less and that you will be a little hotter when riding due to the reduced air flow to the back.


Q: What tyres should I choose?

A: The choice of tyres depends on where you ride and what type of rider you are, unfortunately there is no tyre which is fastest, most comfortable and offers most puncture resistance. Tyre choice is a compromise based on these three factors. The tyres which we fit as standard to our Sprint and Adventure models are good all round tyres which roll fairly well, protect against punctures acceptably and provide a fairly comfortable ride. Tyrykers are on the Sprint  and the Adventure range (Marothon Racer on Sprint 26, Kojacks on the Sprint X, Big Apples on the HD's. The Vtx comes with Duranos while the VTX + comes with Ultremo's.  If you are more interested in speed then a good choice is the Schwalbe Kojak but it is not very tough. If you want a tyre which will offer the most protection then the Schwalbe Marathon Plus is a good choice but it is quite slow. If you want a super comfortable tyre then the Schwalbe Big apple tyre is a good choice, this tyre is a little slower than the standard tyres but has around the same puncture resistance. If you are not sure that you favour any of these features over the others then the standard tyres will be the right ones for you, at least at first.