ICE Recumbent Trike SEATING Options

ICE Ergo-Flow Seat Overview

The ICE Ergo-Flow mesh seat is the standard on all Sprint, Adventure and Adventure HD models and as an option on the Sprint X. There are different models of the Ergo-Flow mesh seat which each have specific characteristics for the trike they fit.
    The Sprint Ergo-Flow mesh seat is designed to be ridden at a more reclined seat angle so it has a short base. It is designed with small and average size riders in mind so it has a 15” width to help riders in that size range fit snugly in place without being constricted.
    The Adventure Ergo-Flow mesh seat is designed for a more upright riding position so it has a longer seat base section than the Sprint seat. The same seat frame is also fitted to the Full Fat with a different, model-specific seat cover.
    The Adventure HD Ergo-Flow mesh seat is 2” wider than the Sprint and the Adventure seat and is also 2” deeper behind the seat mount in the seat base, meaning that it puts the rider’s position further from the pedals. This is ideal for taller and larger riders giving them a more comfortable seating position and a less cramped feeling to the cockpit.
  • Ergo-Flow-seat-detail-1
  • Ergo-Flow-seat-detail-2
  • Ergo-Flow-seat-detail-3
  • Ergo-Flow-seat-detail-4
  • Ergo-Flow-seat-detail-5
  • Ergo-Flow-seat-detail-1
  • Ergo-Flow-seat-detail-2
  • Ergo-Flow-seat-detail-3
  • Ergo-Flow-seat-detail-4
  • Ergo-Flow-seat-detail-5

ICE Air-Pro Seat Overview

Our Air-Pro hardhsell seat is handmade in-house to the highest standards by our master craftsmen. It is a lightweight form-fitting seat which is stiff and strong, providing excellent power transfer and making sure everything you put into the pedals makes it to the road. It is available in two materials and two sizes to suit different riders and different budgets. It is finished with a foam core fabric cover with dual density foam tuned for maximum comfort while keeping the weight low and the feel of the seat sporty.
  • GRP
    The Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) version of the Air-Pro seat is the lower cost option which is fitted as standard on the Sprint X and VTX, and is available as an upgrade on all Sprints. It is composed of glass fibre and polyester resin, resulting in a very tough and durable seat with a gloss black finish.
    The Carbon fibre version of the Air-Pro seat is around 0.5kg lighter than the same size seat in GRP. It is made from layers of carbon fibre woven cloth, with the fibres orientated for maximum strength in specific areas of the seat. The fibres are bonded together with a polyvinyl resin making it lighter and stronger than the GRP version.



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