Computer and light mounts perfectly designed for your trike


Computer Sensor Mount

Computer sensor mount

The king post sensor mount attaches to the end of the kingpost arm and allows the sensor to be easily positioned to pick up the magnet signal from the front wheel. The sensor mount replaces a spacer within the steering assembly so it maintains all geometry and moves with the steering to keep a constant distance from the wheel and a consistent reading. Product code: 01440

Front Light Mount

Front Light Mount

The front light mount provides a firm light mounting point, ideal for taking one or more lights for those winter rides. Bolts to the bottle bosses on the boom derailleur post. The horizontal tube is 1" in diameter meaning that most handlebar mounting bicycle front lights can be used. Product code: 00038

Trike Handlebar Accessory Mount

Handlebar accessory mount

The ICE custom handlebar accessory mount clamps onto the handlebar and gives a mirror fixing position below the brake lever. Needed if fitting a mirror in combination with bar end shifters (one is included with the mirror in the On The Road pack). Two bolt clamp for easy fitting to any 22.2mm tube. Product code: 03161

Neck Rest Light Mount

Neck rest light mount

A custom rear light mount designed to clamp on to the ICE neck rest allowing the fitting of most conventional bicycle rear lights which are designed to fit the seat post of an upright bicycle. Product code: 00851

Seat Rail Light Mount

Seat rail light mount

The Seat Rail Light Mount clamps to the back of the seat and offers a short upright section of tube which allows the mounting of any clamp on accessory which is designed for the seat post of an upright bike such as lights, reflectors, small saddlebags, even some clamp on mudguards. Product code: 02457




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