New Website launched

Welcome to our new website. Another one? I hear you ask. Well, yes, we have been working hard with a close knit team to produce this version. The main reason for this new site is that our previous platform didn’t quite provide us with the freedom we wanted to develop our online presence.

So what’s new? Apart from a new cleaner look, featuring our updated logo and theme, we have included a whole range of information to help you learn as much as possible about ICE trikes.

We missed our blog, so it’s back. We love sharing all the great things our customers get up to, as well as all the interesting (-ish) stuff we get up to here at ICE HQ.

But because one blog isn’t enough we thought we’d have two. The second is our Technical Blog. This is where you will be able to track all the incremental updates that we make to our products. Most posts will be short and sweet but will let you know what’s going on tech-wise at ICE.

A new Dealer Map. We have a dedicated network of dealers, and now on our dealer map you will be able to click through and read more about each dealer. This will include some pictures of their shop and any specialist services they provide, as well as all the information to contact them.

A new Accessories Catalogue means you will be able to find all the great accessories available for ICE trikes. This will eventually develop into a fully functioning web shop.

We also have a new Electric Assist option for our trikes, and you can read about it on the E-Assist page.

Please have a good look through and we welcome any feedback but bear in mind whilst most of the site is up and running, we will be continually updating and improving it over the coming weeks.

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