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The ICE VTX is The Guardian’s bike of the week

ice vtx guardian bike of the week

The Guardian newspaper has chosen the ICE VTX as its Bike Of The Week, an accolade shared by bikes from the likes of Scott, Diamondback, Ribble, and Canyon and by some off-the-wall offerings such as the Smacircle S1, an eBike which rolls up into a ball.

We love to see recumbent trikes getting some mainstream recognition, and while the comments section contains the usual selection of angry people who can’t imagine anything outside of what they see in the UCI handbook, the number of people explaining to them why recumbents are great is larger than ever. We would love to see a future where recumbents are seen by all as another choice for riders looking for more comfort.

Read more from Martin Love at the Guardian here

Learn more about the VTX here




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