ICE Fast Track Trikes Discontinued

ICE Launch new range of trike models and discontinue Fast Track trikes

For 2022 and beyond ICE trikes are now available in a variety of different models. Our new and exciting range of trike models announced earlier this year replaces all previous Fast Track models and our Custom Configuration options. These trike models and options provide a more flexible way to semi-customise our great trikes; such as choice of seat, front brake types, short cranks, accessories and on the road packs.

ICE Fast Track trikes have now been fully discontinued and are now NOT available to order from ICE. Some dealers may still have Fast Track trikes available to buy while stocks last. The reason to discontinue the hugely popular Fast Track programme is unfortunately due to the global supply issues that the cycle industry is still facing. To help to solve this problem and to ensure a good supply of trikes available to purchase for 2022 and beyond, ICE have created a new range of trike model options.

To learn more about our new exciting range of trike model options click here.
For archive information about our previous Fast Track trike models click here.



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