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ICE encourages all trike riders to join our Strava Club and to share their rides with a worldwide community of trike owners & riders. The Strava Club is a community of over 500 friendly ICE Trike riders from all over the world. You can share your rides, measure your performance and even meet new riders in your area to ride with.

If you would like to share some of your riding photos and experiences with ICE on social media, simply tag us:
@icetrikes or #icetrikes and we may share your posts to our followers.




Max says: “Having gone from the VA wanting to issue me a walker, to discovering recumbent trikes and working up to 10-20 miles regularly, a longest ride to date 38 miles! Increased leg, core strength & improved balance have given me my life back!" #recumbenttrike #NorthCarolina

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