ICE Launch NEW Enviolo Fully Automatiq Gear Changing Hub

  • ICE Trikes Enviolo Automatiq Hub
  • ICE Trikes Enviolo Automatiq Hub
  • ICE Trikes Enviolo Automatiq Hub
  • ICE Trikes Enviolo Automatiq Hub
  • ICE Trikes Enviolo Automatiq Hub

Forget gears, simply pedal and go. The NEW Enviolo Automatiq Hub features truly fully automatic gear shifting technology and is available on Shimano STEPS equipped trikes. NOW available on 20" and 26" rear wheel trikes. The system lets you focus on what’s important, like enjoying your ride. Simply set your desired cadence once (how many pedal rotations feel comfortable for you) and the Enviolo Hub will constantly adjust its internal gear ratio to maintain a steady smooth pedalling speed regardless of the speed or riding conditions that you encounter. If you ride up hill it will adjust to a lower gear ratio for you and if you ride down a hill it will do the opposite.

The Automatiq Hub uses stepless gear changing technology to automatically maintain the correct gear ratio for you regardless of the conditions. Forget gears, simply set once and off you go. The hub is ideal for riders who are distracted by traditional bike gear changing. You can even to pull away from a standstill if you have to stop quickly.

The hub has near silent operation and can shift under a full load. You don’t even have to slow down or stop pedalling while it operates. It has a great gear range of 380% which is suited to most leisure and touring rides. For example, pedalling at a steady 65 rpm the hub will maintain a speed of between 5 and 20mph. It’s ideal for hilly riding conditions that require gear changing under full load. The system can be easily adjusted while riding using the Bluetooth Smartphone App. Simply turn on, set your STEPS power assist level, pedal and go.

Enviolo Automatiq Hub

Features and benefits include:

  • Fully automatic, stepless gear changing
  • Seemless integration with 20" and 26" ICE Shimano STEPS EP8 equipped trikes
  • Optimum efficient gear ratio in all situations, extending the life time of the hub
  • Set your desired cadence and the hub will constantly adjust its internal gearing ratios to maintain a steady pedalling speed
  • Riders are able to focus on the ride not changing gear
  • Designed to shift under full load - no need to ease off or stop pedalling. Ideal for hilly riding conditions while changing under a full load
  • Always in the right gear, even pulling away from a standstill from a sudden stop
  • Ideal for riders who have trouble or are distracted with traditional gear changing
  • Great 380% gear range. EG. pedalling at a steady 65 rpm the hub will maintain a speed of between 5 and 20mph
  • Near silent and maintenance free gear changing.
  • Easy set up and easy to use through an intuitive controller interface
  • Easy to use Bluetooth Smartphone App
  • Manufacturer voluntary two-year warranty

Available on Adventure, Adventure HD and Sprint X Tour ICE trikes.





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