Water bottles, bottle cages, and mountings for all your hydration needs


ICE Water Bottle

Water Bottle: ICE branded 750ml with easy twist and membrane lock

This high quality Tacx 750ml water bottle is a finishing touch to any ICE Trike and the best way to fill any bottle cage. The bottle has an innovative, easy-to-clean membrane cap, entirely manufactured in the Netherlands. Thanks to the hygienic lock system, you can drink from it easily and it is dishwasher-safe. This product is safe to hold beer. Product code: 02660

ICE Bottle Cage Riser

Bottle Cage Riser

The bottle cage riser has become a must have for many trikers. It takes the front bottle cage mount position and flips and angles it so that it faces towards you for easy access while riding without interrupting your ride so you can stay hydrated easily. Works with most standard bottle cages but some longer cages will not be compatible. Product code: 00016

Aquadock Bottle Cage Adaptor

Aquadock bottle cage adaptor to fit onto Ergo-Flow seat rail

Easy way to add an extra mounting point for a bottle cage onto the rail on the back of the seat frame. Product code: 02763

Mounting Kit for Bottle Cage for Air-Pro Seats

Mounting kit for bottle cage on Air-Pro seats

Consisting of just a pair of bolts, nuts and washers this simple kit allows you to add a bottle cage to the Air Pro hardshell seat onto one of the two mounting positions on the back of the wings. Bottle cage not included, pair with the bottle cage and our ICE water bottle for a complete bottle solution. Product code: 01372

N+1 Bottle Cage Riser

Bottle cage n+1 black and white

Super Light weight, strong and secure bottle cage. Product code: 03158




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