To Help fold and store your trike


Quick Release levers for your ICE Trike

Pair of QR levers for front boom

These quick releases allow the front boom to be quickly collapsed for extreme folding and for the leg length of the trike to be adjust very slightly but as they do not adjust the chain length (for that you need the Easy Adjust kit 03391) they should not be used to adjust the trike for different riders. Product code: 02227

Quick Release levers for front mudguards

Pair of QR levers for front mudguards, black (not for suspension mudguards 02137)

This pair of quick releases allows you to remove the front mudguards/fenders without tools for dry rides or extreme folding situations where the size of the folded package needs to be reduced as much as possible. This kit is only compatible with the rigid front mudguards 00049. Product code: 02228

Quick release front wheel axles

Quick release front wheel axles

Quick release front axles which allow tool free removal of the front wheels on ICE trikes with disc or drum brakes. Product codes: Disc 02229, Drum 02230




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