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Special Commemorative Coronation Edition Trikes

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  • ICE Commemorative Coronation Edition Trikes
  • ICE Commemorative Coronation Edition Trikes
  • ICE Commemorative Coronation Edition Trikes
  • ICE Commemorative Coronation Edition Trikes
  • ICE Commemorative Coronation Edition Trikes

Great news if you are buying a Trike before the 31st May 2023

As ICE Trikes is a proud British company, to celebrate and mark the historic event of the Coronation of King Charles III all trikes sold until the end of May will have the option to be Special Commemorative Coronation Editions, which comes with a very special,


This a great way to both celebrate this historic global event and to own a limited, collectible piece of ICE history at the same time. The Coronation of Great Britain's King Charles III on the 6th May will be watched by billions of people across the world. 

ICE VTX, Sprint X, Sprint X Tour, Adventure HD, Adventure and Full Fat trikes are available as Special Commemorative Coronation Editions along with all Fast Track and all current special editions. 

Of course, if you do not want to have a Coronation Edition badge on your new trike it can also still come with a standard ICE head badge. The choice is yours.

You will see the option to choose a Special Coronation Edition badge or keep with the standard ICE badge on our website configurator or you can simply let your local dealer know which you would prefer.*

See the full range of ICE Trikes here or Contact us if you have any questions or find your local dealer here.

* Commemorative Coronation Edition trikes are available on all new ICE trikes sold from 21st April to 31st May 2023. ICE has the right to change or withdraw this offer at any time. Coronation Edition trikes are a souvenir to commemorate the coronation. No royal patronage is implied. Limited availability.




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