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Prices from £3728 $5076 €4018

The Sprint X features our easy access swept cruciform and improved handlebar clamping system with super secure indexed clamps ensuring easy alignment when unfolding and solid handlebar positioning. The sporty Sprint X shares the race wheel set with the VTX. The wheels are more aerodynamic, having a modern aero section profile, feature a 700c rear wheel and are tubeless ready as standard.

The practical cousin to the VTX, the Sprint X is likely to be the fastest foldable trike available. Highly customisable with suspension, seating and accessories to create the ultimate road tourer or commuter.

The Sprint X extends the precision engineering and design of the standard Sprint X Tour range by utilising race-specification components. All trikes in the ICE Sprint X range are built on an optimised ICE frame featuring Compact Flat Twist Fold, No Brake Steer, and Rider Positioning System. Find out more in our tech section.

Please note: Electric assist is available on the Sprint X Tour model. The video below shows the previous Sprint X model for illustration purposes.

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  • Sprintx Front3qtr Wide Angle
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  • Sprintx Front
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  • Sprintx Front3qtr Low
  • Sprintx Front3qtr Wide Angle
  • Sprintx Wheel Low
  • Sprintx Front
  • 4D8A2472
  • 4D8A2474
  • 4D8A2481
  • 4D8A2485

Sprint X Features


The Sprint X features our easy access swept cruciforms. Allowing you to get your feet further under you for a more stable entry and exit of the trike, this also creates improved heel clearance for smaller riders.

Featuring an improved handlebar clamping system with super secure indexed clamps to ensure the handlebars easily remain fixed in position at all times. Ideal for quick and easy repositioning of the handlebars after you fold and unfold the trike. 


Fitted with indirect steering for natural, intuitive handling from the first ride. As pace increases handling remains controlled, predictable and light, even when taking tight corners. The steering system dissipates vibrations and shock before they reach your hands to give a comfortable and safe feel, even at high speed.

ICE’s own No Brake Steer system ensures that the speed of each wheel and the tracking of the trike are completely independent, so steering is not affected by braking at speed, uneven braking or cornering.


The Sprint X shares the race wheel set with its proven race winning sister trike the VTX. The black state of the art, custom lightweight race wheels are lighter than the previous wheels. They are more aerodynamic in having a modern aero section profile.

It features a 700c rear wheel and is tubeless-ready as standard. Available in; reliable low maintenance drum or powerful lightweight disc brake options.

CFT Fold

The Sprint X is a performance trike with the benefit of a fold. The ICE Compact Flat Twist fold is one of the many innovations that ICE has brought to the recumbent world. The fold is based around a lightweight heat-treated aluminium hinge on the main frame. This enables the trike to be folded for transporting in a car and for storing your trike.

Simply remove the seat, fold the handlebars flat, and undo the quick release lever to fold the frame. As the frame folds, the rear wheel pivots to fit flat between the front wheels. Fold your trike in under 30 seconds and it works with ICE accessories.


Fitted with the ICE Air Pro hard-shell seat as standard our Rider Positioning System allows you to tailor the trike to you. The ICE Air-Pro Carbon seats are handmade and provide exceptional stiffness with minimal weight, weighing in at 1.1kg.
The Air-Pro shell is an anatomically contoured shape which is available in two sizes (medium & large). The shell supports the rider through aggressive cornering and provides a firm brace to pedal against while flexing where appropriate for comfort. The shell has incorporated wings unlike most of its competitors, which reduces weight and increases efficiency.
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Our Air Pro hardhsell seat is handmade in house to the highest quality control standards by our master craftsmen. It is a lightweight form fitting seat which is stiff and strong, providing excellent power transfer and making sure everything you put into the pedals makes it to the road. It is available in two sizes to suit different riders. It is finished with a dual density foam core fabric cover, tuned for maximum comfort while, keeping the weight low and the feel of the seat sporty.


The Carbon fibre seat is made from layers of carbon fibre woven sheet, with the fibres orientated for maximum strength in specific areas of the seat. The fibres are bonded together with epoxy resin making it light and strong. It has the classic carbon fibre checker board finish.

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From £3728 / $5076 / €4018

Available With

Rigid rear triangle for maximum power transfer.
Rear Suspension

Large Wheel for low rolling resistance

Rigid Front
Front Suspension
Compact Flat Twist Fold
ICE Air-Pro Hard Shell Seat

Technical Data

Overall width
31.5" (800mm)
Overall height
21.3"-26.2" (540mm - 665mm)
Overall length
81.4” - 90” (2067mm - 2286mm)
Folded width
31.5" (800mm)
Folded height
23.6"-25.6" (600mm-650mm)
Folded length
40.5"-49.2" (1030mm-1250mm)
Seat height
7"-8" (178mm-200mm)
Seat width
9.1"-9.8" (230mm-250mm)
Seat depth
9.1"-9.8" (230mm-250mm)
Seat angle adjust - Air Pro
28 - 35 degrees
Turning circle
17'7" (5.4m)
Rider weight limit (Air-Pro seat)
229lbs (104kg)
Overall weight (from)
36.9lbs (16.7kg)
Rider size (X-seam)
35" - 50" (889mm - 1270mm)
Track width
29.5" (750mm)
Wheel base
44.5" (1130mm)
Ground clearance (ride height adjusted)
3" (75 mm)
Suspension Travel Rear (optional)
4" (100mm)
Suspension Travel Front (optional)
1.5" (40mm)




WOW! Two new World Records on the same day for Jochem and his ICE VTX trike! 100miles in 3hrs 54mins. That's an average speed of 25.57mph for 100miles! The VTX is the trike you ride if you want to go fast. icetrikes.co/products/vtx-r… #worldrecord #recumbenttrike #netherlands

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