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Shimano Ultegra Di2

ICE 2018 2019 World Championship



Prices from £3633 $4383 €3843

Intelligence built-in! NEW 2020 World Championship Edition featuring Shimano Ultegra Di2 electronic shifting, that delivers superior championship level gear shifting and racing performance. The World Championship VTX is adorned with a unique Gold leaf ICE emblem to represent the heritage and gold medal-winning performance.

A dynamic new look matt black colour scheme and custom graphics make the VTX Black look as sleek, light and as fast as it rides. Also featuring the new easy access swept cruciform and an all new custom super lightweight modern aero profile wheelset. Available now!

Fastest trike in the world again! Winner of the 2018 and 2019 Multi-Track class World HPV Championships in Betteshanger Park, Kent in 2018 and in 2019 Nandax, France. Hundreds of riders from all over the world traveled to compete in 9 cycling different events. Yet again the VTX confirmed its racing credentials by not only taking the crown in France but by also 7 out of the top 10 overall winning riders at the 2019 world championships were riding an ICE VTX.

This demonstrates the winning pedigree of our world class flagship VTX Black performance trike, and is also underpinned by our whole range of trike models. Every stage; from trike design, specification of components, the build and assembly, with rigorous attention to detail, gives you the peace of mind you'll be riding the best performing range of trikes in the world. All backed up with our 10 year warranty and enviable reputation.

A perfect blend of performance, dynamic handling and comfort coupled with stunning looks and detailing to create the ultimate trike. With the lowest seating position of all our trikes, the VTX Black delivers superior performance guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

with di2 electronic shifting

The Ultimate racing trike with race-proven performance:VTX Black Frameset, World Championship Edition Livery with Gold Leaf Emblem, ICE Aero Tubeless Ready wheel set, Titanium front Axles, high performance front Drum brakes, Air-Pro Carbon seat, neck rest, Schwalbe Pro One tyres, Di2 Electronic shifting Ultegra R80600, Ultegra R8050 Di2 11-Speed Long Cage Rear Derailleur, Ultegra R8050 Di2 11-Speed Front Derailleur, Ultegra R8000 Compact Chainset - HollowTech II 50/34, Ultegra R8000 11-Speed Cassette 11-34t
VTX Black world championship Edition
From £6992 / $7570 / €8106
ICE New 2020 VTX Black World Championship Edition
  • VTX Black
  • VTX World Championship Edition
  • VTX 2020 World Championship
  • VTX
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  • Vtx  Front Wide Angle
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  • VTX 2020 World Championship
  • VTX Black
  • VTX World Championship Edition
  • VTX 2020 World Championship
  • VTX
  • 4D8A6450
  • 4D8A6416
  • 4D8A4645
  • 4D8A4650
  • Vtx  Front Wide Angle
  • 5D3B 00377a
  • VTX 2020 World Championship

VTX Black Features

ICE VTX Easy Access Swept Cruciform

New easy access swept cruciform and new custom lightweight wheels

The NEW 2019 VTX Black features our new easy access swept cruciform, creating improved heel clearance, making it easier to get on and off the trike. This frameset is lighter than the previous VTX frame.

An all NEW black state of the art custom wheel set is lighter than the previous VTX wheel set. They are more aerodynamic and have a modern aero profile. Available in; reliable low maintenance drums or powerful lightweight discs. Tubeless ready to save even more weight.


The Sprint X now shares the race wheel set with its proven race winning sister trike the VTX. An all-new black state of the art, custom lightweight race wheels are lighter than the previous wheels. They are more aerodynamic in having a new modern aero section profile.

It now features a 700c rear wheel and is tubeless ready as standard. Available in; reliable low maintenance drum or powerful lightweight disc brake options.

  • ICE Race Wheel Set with Disc Brakes
  • ICE Race Wheel Set with Drum Brakes
Aerodynamic Race Profile


A low seat position and recline angle as little as 25° minimises frontal area and reduces aerodynamic drag.


Carefully considered design and specialised components, such as a lightweight boom and carbon fibre seat, brings the VTX in at just over 30lbs. Beautifully sculpted, the hydroforming process gives the rear frame optimal strength and stiffness while remaining lightweight.
Natural Handling one piece design handlebar


An optimised cruciform and one piece handlebar provide stability and nimble handling no matter what the speed.
Fitted with indirect steering for natural, intuitive handling from the first ride. As pace increases handling remains controlled, predictable and light, even when taking tight corners. The steering system dissipates vibrations and shock before they reach your hands to give a comfortable and safe feel, even at high speed.
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ICE’s own No Brake Steer system ensures that the speed of each wheel and the tracking of the trike are completely independent, so steering is not affected by braking at speed, uneven braking or cornering.


The ICE Air-Pro Carbon seats are handmade and provide exceptional stiffness with minimal weight, weighing in at 1.1kg.
The Air-Pro shell is an anatomically contoured shape which is available in two sizes (medium & large). The shell supports the rider through aggressive cornering and provides a firm brace to pedal against while flexing where appropriate for comfort. The shell has incorporated wings unlike most of its competitors, which reduces weight and increases efficiency.
Air-Pro Carbon Trike seat
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Fitted to the shell is a custom composite fabric cover made from carefully selected foams and surface materials for ultimate performance. The technical pad system is arranged to provide maximum comfort and support while riding, incorporating natural ventilation channels to maintain a cooling airflow across the back.

Recognising that the shape and riding style of every rider is undoubtedly different we also designed a personal padding system that is provided separately, these pads allow the rider to place extra pads directly to the shell and under the cover for added support in areas they deem necessary.


Our Air Pro hardhsell seat is handmade in house to the highest quality control standards by our master craftsmen. It is a lightweight form fitting seat which is stiff and strong, providing excellent power transfer and making sure everything you put into the pedals makes it to the road. It is available in two materials and two sizes to suit different riders and different budgets. It is finished with a dual density foam core fabric cover, tuned for maximum comfort while, keeping the weight low and the feel of the seat sporty.


The Glass reinforced plastic or GRP version of the Air Pro seat is the lower cost option which is fitted as standard on the Sprint X and VTX and is available as an upgrade on all Sprints. It is made from a mat of short strands of glass fibre which are held together by an epoxy resin. It is very tough and durable with a gloss black finish.


The Carbon fibre version of the Air Pro seat is around .5kg lighter than the same size seat in GRP. It is made from layers of carbon fibre woven sheet, with the fibres orientated for maximum strength in specific areas of the seat. The fibres are bonded together with epoxy resin making it lighter and stronger than the GRP version of the seat. But, that does come with an increased price tag. It has the classic carbon fibre checker board finish.
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Available With

700c Large Wheel Icon
Large Wheel for low rolling resistance
Rigid Rear Frame Icon
Rigid rear triangle for maximum power to the road.
Air-Pro Hard Shell Seat Icon
ICE Air-Pro Hard Shell Seat

VTX Technical Data

Overall width

29.5" (750mm)

Overall height

27.2" (690mm)

Overall length

80"-90.2" (2030mm-2290mm)

Seat height

5.9" (150mm)

Seat angle adjustment

25-32 degrees

Turning circle

24' 3" (7.4m)

Rider weight limit

230lbs (104kg)

Overall weight (from)

30.4lbs (13.8kg)

Rider size (X-seam)

37"-48" (940-1219mm)

Track width

27.5" (700mm)

Ground clearance
(ride height adjusted)

2.6" (65mm)

Wheel base

48"-49.2" (1220mm-1250mm)



Trike build underway at @LaidBackBikes in Scotland. twitter.com/LaidBackBikes/…

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