ICE Recumbent Trike Rider Sizing

At ICE we strive to make sure that the largest number of people possible can enjoy a "trike grin" on one of our machines. We have several options to help people both tall and short to comfortably fit our trikes. The fitment for our trikes is determined by the X seam, a measurement of leg length. This is the measurement obtained by sitting down with your legs out straight in front of you, from the back of your bottom to the bottom of your heel. How to measure the X seam is described in this chart.

Short Cranks

For smaller riders we offer the short crank chainset. This 152mm chainset allows riders with shorter legs to feel more comfortable when pedalling, as their feet move in a circle more appropriately sized to the length of their legs. This also allows the boom to be pulled in closer to the seat without the rider’s heels hitting the cross axle.

FF Bracket

The FF (Further Forward) bracket fits on our Sprint models and allows riders with very short legs to comfortably fit and pedal the trike. It moves the position of the seat 2” closer to the pedals so that there is more clearance to the cross axle for the rider’s heels. The FF bracket should not be fitted to our Adventure or Full Fat models.

FB Bracket

The FB bracket fits all Sprint, Adventure and Full Fat models. It does the opposite of the FF bracket and moves the seat 2” back away from the pedals to allow riders with longer legs to comfortably fit the trike.

Adventure HD

The Adventure HD is a whole trike designed with larger, taller riders in mind. It has a longer seat so the X seam range that it fits is greater. It has a wider, stronger frame and handlebars and to allow larger riders to feel comfortable and not cramped and it is fitted with larger tyres as standard to reduce the risk of pinch flats and provide a comfortable ride.

ergo-luxe Short back Seat

The Ergo-Luxe Short Back seat has a 2" (50mm approx), shorter back compared to the standard Ergo-Luxe seat, this greatly improves the positioning of the neck rest, making it more comfortable and ideal for shorter riders. The width remains the same as the standard Ergo-Luxe seat. If you are under 5ft 4" (162cm) tall you should choose this seat option. The Ergo-Luxe Short seat is an option on the Adventure.

ICE Recumbent trikes rider x-seam chart

Hardshell M vs L

Our Hardshell seat is available in two sizes to fit a range of different riders. The large size is 4cm longer than the medium between the lumbar and shoulder curves. The majority of riders prefer the large seat size, there is a chart above which will show you how to measure your back and decide on which seat is going to be right for you. WE RECOMMEND FINDING SOMEONE TO HELP YOU WITH THIS PROCESS. Each hardshell seat comes with a set of foam pads which can be fitted to the shell under the cover to tailor the shape of the seat to your back and get the maximum comfort level even on long rides.




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