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Hostel Shoppe 2022 Pedal Point Rally

ICE was kindly invited to join Hostel Shoppe in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, USA for their annual 2022 Pedal Point Rally in aid of the Boys and Girls Club of Portage County. Hostel Shoppe are one of our most experienced, specialist and friendly recumbent trike dealers in the USA. They always have a wide selection of ICE trikes in stock ready to test ride and buy.

Cyclists and recumbent riders from Wisconsin also including many riders from across the USA and not forgetting Drew and Phil from Falmouth UK, who travelled over 3,800 miles to attend the two-day cycling event and join in with the fundraising and cycling fun.

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This was the first time since Covid that the event was taking place in person, as for two years the event was hosted virtually. The weather sunny and warm to start off and then on the second day riders were greeted with a morning downpour to cool things down a little.

The turnout for the event was good with people of all ages cycling recumbent trikes, recumbent bikes, electric quad bikes and many other regular traditional bike cyclists. Over the two days there were different distance bike rides for all abilities including an ice cream 10-mile ride to Belts ice cream shop all the way up to a longer distance 60-mile cycle ride for the more serious cyclists.

While at the Rally, ICE launched the new 20" Adventure and Adventure HD Enviolo gearing system. Expert trike technician Leon from Hostel Shoppe, skilfully and carefully built the first ever 20" Adventure HD trike to feature the Enviolo Automatiq stepless hub gearing system.

  • ICE Trikes Enviolo Automatiq Hub
  • ICE Trikes Enviolo Automatiq Hub
  • ICE Trikes Enviolo Automatiq Hub
  • ICE Trikes Enviolo Automatiq Hub
  • ICE Trikes Enviolo Automatiq Hub
  • ICE Trikes Enviolo Automatiq Hub
  • ICE Trikes Enviolo Automatiq Hub
  • ICE Trikes Enviolo Automatiq Hub
  • ICE Trikes Enviolo Automatiq Hub
  • ICE Trikes Enviolo Automatiq Hub

The system lets you focus on what’s important, like enjoying your ride. Simply set your desired cadence once (how many pedal rotations feel comfortable for you) and the Enviolo Hub will constantly adjust its internal gear ratio to maintain a steady smooth pedalling speed regardless of the speed or riding conditions that you encounter. If you ride uphill it will adjust to a lower gear ratio for you and if you ride down a hill it will do the opposite.

Drew and Phil were made to feel very welcome by Breanna, Jessie and the whole Hostel Shoppe team during the event and it was great to be able to help one of our most experienced recumbent ICE trike dealers raise money for a local good cause. Dan and Donna from Spokes fighting Strokes were also at the rally, they travel the USA visiting hospitals and clinics enabling stroke survivors to discover the benefits of recumbent cycling. 

You can find out more about the Enviolo System here or visit the Hostel Shoppe website to find out more, test ride or order a trike from them.

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