ICE Recumbent Trike Suspension Options

ICE trikes are available with a range of suspension options. Our Road Response Suspension (R.R.S.) uses elastomers to give you over 100mm of rear wheel travel and up to 40mm of front suspension travel. These elastomers can be swapped for different rider weights and in the case of the rear suspension, fitted in different positions to tune the suspension feel to the road you ride and your preferred feel.


Most of our trikes are available as fully rigid versions with no suspension. Fully rigid trikes are light, have good power transfer and are less complex making them a great choice for those looking for speed and those who live near to smooth trails and roads. Rigid trikes are also less costly than equivalent suspension trikes so they make a good choice for more budget minded riders. The Sprint X have a 700c rigid version and the Adventure and Adventure HD have both 20” and 26” rigid versions available. Rigid trikes can be fitted with large “balloon” tyres such as Schwalbe’s Big Apple to help smooth out the ride.

20” Rear Suspension

The 20" rear suspension is available on the Adventure and Adventure HD. The Road Response Rear Suspension system is a highly tuneable, simple and robust, single pivot suspension system which gives up to 100mm of rear suspension travel. Elastomer selection is based on rider weight and luggage load, the chart below lists all of the elastomer positions for different riders. Tuning your rear suspension is simple and quick, only requiring you to swap or move the elastomers to different positions, to get the best results from your rear suspension.

We have three different hardness ratings (or “durometers”) of elastomer, which each work for different rider weights. You can specify which will be best for you based on the chart when you order. The Adventure HD comes as standard with the hardest and all other trikes come with medium elastomers as standard.
The 20” rear suspension adds around 300grams compared to the rigid 20” version.

26” Rear Suspension

The 26” rear suspension is available on the Adventure, Adventure HD and Sprint X Tour. It works in exactly the same way as the 20” rear suspension but it has a longer swingarm to fit the larger wheel, as a result it has a little more travel and requires two elastomers to give it the required support. The elastomers required for each rider’s weight are listed in the elastomer selection chart, with two elastomers you have even more options for the positions which will allow you to set up the suspension exactly as you want it.

The 26” rear suspension has an extra pulley to make sure that the chain line always passes through the suspension pivot point. This stops pedalling forces from acting on the suspension and eliminates pedal bob; maintaining efficiency.
The 26” rear suspension adds around 450grams compared to the rigid 26” version.

Full Fat Suspension

All Full Fats come with rear suspension as standard.

The Full Fat rear suspension helps the rear wheel track over rough terrain and helps maintain traction even when the going gets really rough as well as smoothing out the ride and keeping you comfortable.
The rear suspension system on the Full Fat is very similar in design and operation to the 26” rear suspension system, using two elastomers and an extra pulley to reduce pedal bob and provide lots of adjustability for different rider weights and terrain.
ICE rear elastomers are now marked with their hardness and coloured white, grey, and black
(replacing the previously coloured yellow, red, and green)

Front/Full Suspension

Available on the Adventure, Adventure HD, Sprint X Tour and Sprint X. The ICE Road Response front suspension gives 40mm of elastomer controlled, independent front suspension. It features a four bar leading link suspension set up with anti-dive geometry which eliminates brake dive and bump steer.

There are three different elastomer hardness options for light, medium and heavy riders to all get the most out of the front suspension system. The front suspension increases the weight of the trike compared to the rigid front end by around 1.1Kg.
The front suspension reduces the vibration from rough road surfaces and takes the "edge" off of larger impacts. Incidentally this reduces fatigue after a long day of riding, for touring riders this can make it much easier to get up the next morning and cover even more miles. The front suspension can also be invaluable for riders with back or neck issues who need to reduce vibration as much as possible.




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